Book 'The Unexpected Houseplant'

marguerite_gwMay 12, 2014

I bought this book by Tovah Martin for my Kindle some months ago, and the author recommends many outdoor plants for indoor growing. Among them are Aquilegia, known commonly as Columbine, Bellis perennis and Armeria maritima' Rubrifolia', which latter happen to be great favourites of mine that I grow in sinks outside with other alpine plants. I was wondering if anyone here has tried these plants inside.

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I haven't, but Tovah does make it look easy. I really do love her book the Unexpected Houseplant, actually its my favorite of my big collection of books on houseplants. I bought it when it first came out and I'm always reading it over and over again. But she has given me some great ideas on using spring blooming plants that I want to try, like bleeding hearts, but I don't think theirs enough light in my place to keep it happy. But I do trust her, so it wouldn't hurt to try as long as you give it what the plants need.

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HousePlantTipper, I agree about the book, I think it's my favourite too, and I own a lot of indoor gardening books myself. I'm really tempted to give some of the suggestions a try, Papaver nudicaule, for instance, also Tiarella, but she names many she has tried.

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