Small Spider Plant @ Lowe's

tisha_(z7 OKC)May 6, 2008

I just wanted to share my cute little find.

I went to Lowe's last week and saw a whole rack full of spider plants in little tiny 4" pots with HUGE roots all over the place and most of them had bunches of babies on them too.

Anyway, I had to recue one. They were all beyond rootbound. Like, the roots were so far out the holes in the pots, that most of them couldn't even sit upright. It was sad.

Anyway, I repotted it and hung it under the bar area outside in the back yard. It's doing great!

Ooh, also, what kind of Dracaena is that back there behind it? I never can remember proper names.


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I love your spider! I have been looking for one like that for quite a while (green with white margins) Someone is sending me "TWO" this week from a trade:)
The dracaena looks like, "dracaena marginata" Or commonly known as a dragon tree.

Billy Rae

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tisha_(z7 OKC)

Thanks. I knew that, but could not for the life of me remember the name. I appreciate it!

Have you gotten your two spiders yet? Getting new plants in the mail is so exciting!

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Not yet, but they should be coming in a day or two, or at the latest by the end of the week. Oh yes, it's exciting getting plants in the mail, can't wait to open it!

Oh, and I love your rooster planter too!

Billy Rae

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tisha_(z7 OKC)

Thanks. It came with the house. We just bought the place last August, and the previous owner left a few planters in the shed out back. We have a smaller version of this one too... haven't planted anything in it yet though.

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