planting different plants in one pot

Evy247(6)May 10, 2011

I have 4 different "babies" in the same glass of water to root them. I will post pictures of them when I figure out how. These are 4 different types of plants and unfortunately I don't know the names/kinds of any of them. They all rooted well together, and look nice. I was wondering if anyone has ever planted more than one type of plant together in one pot, or should I separate them in different pots. thanks!

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What've you got there? Epipremnum & something else....

I asked this question a few months back & the general consensus seemed to be that, depending upon the potting medium you choose, compatibility of lighting needs could be the sole variable governing the success of the planting.

If a fast potting medium (e.g. gritty mix) is used, then watering needs of the species may fall a distant second behind light needs. [For more info about fast mediums, search the forum for "soil" or "gritty" & there will be an abundance of info!]

If you use a soil-based potting mix, you must really consider how much each partner in the arrangement likes to "drink" so you don't get a water-lover + a plant that likes things drier & no-one ends up happy, you included.

That said, I am going to give some companion planting a try when I do the big re-pot in a few weeks & put some lower-growing species - like Epipremnum or maybe spider plants - in with some taller things - like Dracenas - that like the same lighting levels.

Still trying to think what might be happy in with the light-loving Ficus....


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This would be so much simpler if I knew the names of each plant...

With the exception of the pinkish plant (which the only thing I remember about it is that it's a tropical plant), all of these do extremely well in bright light. The back of my apartment have LOTS of sun light, while the front of my apartment doesn't get much, and the pinkish plant, I learned didn't really like a lot of sun. I keep this one in a front window because of the pink. It didn't take long for these to root at all. I didn't realize the the soil or potting medium or whatever would factor in this.

I use the same kind of soil for all my plants (except a hens & chicks plant I have) which is whatever soil I can get at family dollar. The only problem I ever had with my plants was when I orignally bought the pinkish plant and it was infected with gnats, the piece in the photo was the only part I could save.

Dang, I have alot to learn. :)

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Hi Evy...I potted a few dish gardens over the years. It's important to learn names and care habits.

For instance, potting a cactus and tropical would be a mistake. Same with two plants that need different light and watering.

Can you take separate pictures of each plant?

The pink looks like Moses in the Cradle, Oyster or Wandering Jew..Oyster and Moses are closely related. When mature, Wandering Jew hangs. Moses and Oysters are upright plants. The more I look at your plant, it really looks like an Oyster Plant.

If you Google the names I gave you, you'll see what each plant looks like, and compare to yours.

The front and back plants are Pothos, their botanial name is Epipremnum, as Gravy mentioned.
You probably should Google Pothos/Epiprenum to ID those pictures, too.

Evy, Fungus Gnats attack when the house/air is dry and soil is kept too wet. Allow the soil to dry more, and your gnat problem will end.
Fresh air is a plus. Now that the weather is warming up, open a window. If you have a ceiling fan, keep it running during the day.

Once soil is watered properly, and the room your plants are in gets fresh, circulating air, gnats will die.

There's a lot of information and pictures on the net, numerous plant books, and we're here to help you, too.


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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

I had one similar to the pink plant, and it's common name was 'Oyster plant'. But it was sold in the Garden area at wal mart, not inside with the house plants.


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Often, tropicals are set outdoors in garden centers. Including Dracaenas, Palms, etc.
In cold climates, Oyster Plants/Tradescantia are grown indoors, can be summered outside, but brought back in once weather cools.
I have two Oysters and three Moses. Relatives. I don't have a current pic, so these will have to do. Toni

As you can see, my Oyster is readying for a shower. lol. Toni

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Dish garden compatibility depends largely upon light preferences, but also soil moisture requirements. So, you'll need to find out the varieties of the different plants that you have.

Better images might help us to ID them for you. I, for one, can't really identify anything but the Epipremnum, but probably could if I could have a better look.

Awww, Toni...I spy a container of Lafeber Nutri-Berries on your counter. Makes me miss my cockatiel! She LOVED those things. She would also call for my dog and drop some through the bars for snacks.

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Rhizo, how cute..did your dog eat the berries? lol

Maybe you should consider getting another Cockatiel?? They're not much work, 'one isn't,' intelligent, 'my two guys whistle Andy Griffith and Jingle Bells,' don't need to go out, and are great company..Oh, affectionate, too.

Evy, yep, separate pics would help. Toni

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi folks,

Yes, those plants are Pothos/Epipremnum & I believe what the others have called Moses in the Cradle, botanically Rhoeo (we really do need additional pix to be sure).

I'm not sure this is a good pairing to plant together, they have different watering needs.

I believe the Rhoeo is more tropical (& like a Tradescantia or Wandering Jew plant, to which this related) is fairly thirsty, wanting water at least several times a week. When I've grown Pothos in mix, I go 1 week to 10 days btwn waterings. Overwatering is the one sure way to kill a Pothos. (I usually grow some in water at all times).

I'd only try it if I were willing to lose the plants. OR wait 'til the Pothos is bigger & then take a cutting in case you need to restart it (super easy, I do it all the time).

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Toni, oh yes, the dog ate the NutriBerries. Like candy.

I adored my cockatiel but now is not the right time to get another one. We keep the house too cold in the winter time AND we have an indoor cat who just might take the wrong kind of interest in such a bird. Georgia (the dog) loved Homer (the bird) and let her (bird) walk all over her (dog) back and head. They would even hang out on the sofa together.

OK folks, no more bird talk. We'll be good.

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Evy, check out this great blog: there are a number of very informative profiles of common house plants, just scroll about midway down & look to the right to find the list.

The plants are rated by growing difficulty & rated well, in my opinion. There are many good pictures, too. Although the scientific names of the plants are used, you can often search by common name via your internet search engine & come up with the "real" name for reference... or, just browse the profiles & maybe you'll find something that looks familiar.

There is TONS of info about watering, light requirements & etc for each plant profiled & it is VERY easy to search, if you have names... there's plenty of great info on this forum too, but I often find it hard to search here & find exactly what I'm looking for.

If you're hankering to acquire more plants, the list might serve as inspiration/shopping list/guidebook.

Here is a link that might be useful: informative house plant blog

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here's is one

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I'm guessing the pinkish one is called Oyster plant, the one that was pictured in the back of the first picture is a Pothos, I only know that name when I see it. Here is the other plant I can't name

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I have a "grandfather" pothos plant, which "fathered many other babies. So I'm not worried about sacraficing him. These are clippings of other plants that I have, except the Oyster, what is pictured is what I was able to save of the oyster.

I'll probably plant all together except the oyster. I dont want to chance losing that little piece, especially since I can't find another one in any local stores.

I never had a problem with the gnats until I bought the Oyster plant. I seen it at a supermarket, LOVED the color and bought it. I NOW know that I should inspect it more carefully before bringing it home. The gnats also killed an Angel Plant that I bought at the same time. I couldn't save any of that.

thanks for the link. I will be going on that now. :)

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Evy, I'm not sure but the first plant looks like Peperomia obtusifolia... Is the leaf thick or thin?

Second plant looks like Syngonium/Arrowhead Plant.

Evy, does the Oyster Plant have Fungus Gnats? If so, it's too bad you didn't see them sooner.

There were a few things you could have done. In the future, make sure soil dries between waterings. Not to the point it cracks..The top should look crumbly..Stick your finger or a stick inside the soil. If your finger or stick comes out wet/moist, the soil is still wet in the center to bottom.
If dry, it's time for a drink.

Plants in the Rhoeo family, like Oyster and Moses don't like wet feet. Sometimes, the top is dry, but the center and bottom will be wet. It depends on soils, pot material, house temp and sun. That's the reason it's best to insert your finger/stick in the soil.

I agree, Oyster Plants are hard to find. However, they're sold online, not too difficult to find.

Rhizo..nope, cats and birds don't mix..especially smaller parrots like Parakeets and Cockatiels. We had birds and a cat, Halloween. He knew not to bother the birds, but when we left the house, the birds were caged. He was great with them, but we all know a cats instincts..17-yr-old Halloween passed away a few summers ago. As long as we have birds, I'd never get another cat..'though I love them.' However my birds are precious. So, no matter how much we adore felines, our birds safety comes first.

Sorry Evy..") Toni

It's sooo funny Georgia fed Homer..what's funnier is Homer ate Nutra Berries. lol..Toni
Compare 'inserting finger or stick' to baking a cake. When you insert a toothpick to check if the inside is done?? If you bake, you'll know what I mean. lol.

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is there a "plant names/types for dummies"? I only know them by the names I give them. LOL

So now I know what they are called, arrowhead & Peperomia obtusifolia. The arrowhead, I've had for 5 years. It was a simple 2 leaf baby when I first got him, now he's 3 different plants, plus part of a frog & a fish tank. The Peperomia, I've had about 3 or 4 years, I had to rescue him also from the gnats, but I have a nice "bunch" in 3 different vases to root, almost ready to be repotted.

I didn't know that fact about the Oyster plant and the "wet feet". I water all my plants the same way, so I'm guessing he might have been doomed anyway.

The Oyster seems like a more fragile plant the the others, so would it be best to plant him (sorry, most of my plants have male names thats why I keep refering them as "he" or "him") in the same soil as cactus? I use the cactus soil in my hens & chicks plant and they are growing like they're on steroids. I would love to see the Oyster plant get bigger. I was happy that it actually rooted. I didn't think it would.

thanks for all the helpful info!!

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If you frequent Thrift Stores or Used Book Stores, you can keep an eye out for inexpensive house plant books; Sunset makes some with nice color pics. It doesn't matter too much if they're old, as long as there are lots of pictures & names!

In my experience the care instructions aren't that great ("keep soil moist, like a squeezed out sponge") but pics are always helpful.


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Evy, two other books you should look into...'The House Plant Expert' and 'Simon & Schuster's Guide to House Plants.'

There are numerous, colored picturess. (over 200)
Care in both books are basic..

You should be able to find these books on Ebay or Amazon..used copies are inexpensive.

One other book, 'first plant book I bought,'
'Hyponex Handbook of House Plants.' My first and second Hyponex books were read so often, the glue evaporated and pages slipped out. lol. I found a third copy on Ebay for 1.00 plus shipping. It's probably out of print, but people sell their old copies.

Evy, actually, there is a House Plants for Dummies book. lol. I saw it at the store, but didn't have time to browse through the pages..Don't know if it has colored photos or drawings.

Also, as GB suggested, try a thrift store.

Evy, most plants dislike wet feet.
Soil should dry to a degree before more water is added. Constantly wet soil invites Fungus Gnats and/or root rot. It's worse if a pot doesn't have drainage holes.

Oyster is a fussy plant..Much more difficult to maintain than its cousin, Moses in the Cradle.
In winter, when humidity is low and light is limited, (my climate) Oyster's struggle to survive. Sometimes they get spindly and/or lose color.
Mine did, so I cut it back, 'gave a few cuttings to friends.' It's now more compact than tall. In summer Oyster flowers, tiny white/purple blooms.

Apparently, you know more about plants than you think, since you've had a couple 4-5 years. :) Toni

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Toni, "Hyponex for Houseplants" was my first book also. Loved that book. Would like to find another also! Maybe I'll check Amazon.

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I just checked seller has 3 plant books, including Hyponex for House plants..but he/she is selling as a trio, 14.99. 4.00 shipping.

Two other sellers have Hyponex books, but none are the book we're talking about.

Let me know if you find it on Amazon.

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Found it on Amazon. lol. 3.99 new, 1.48 used.

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