Moving Plants 2x Daily For Best Sunlight Exposure

SenorTequila(6)May 6, 2011

Hi All!

So I'm very very new to gardening, particularly gardening indoors but I've grew up with a gorgeous garden and now I'm in an apartment with no greenspace... so I had to do something!

My question is... I live in a loft with large windows that get great sun exposure at certain times during the day. The window in my living room faces Southeast and gets wonderful direct morning sun. my bedroom window faces south and gets excellent afternoon sun. I have plants growing well on my south facing bedroom window but some of them (my strawberry plants and my purple leaf sage) apparently require more than the 6 hours sun that my bedroom window can provide. Is it alright to carefully move them each morning to the living room window with the morning sunlight, and then move them back to the bedroom window for the afternoon sunlight?

Will this hurt my plants? Will it shock them? or is this ok and normal practice?

Thank you so much for your help... I don't exactly have a green thumb so any suggestions you guys have are appreciated!



- Brooklyn, NY

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J/Senor, funny screen name.

Although there are some plants that don't like relocating, 'ex, Ficus,' Strawberrys and Sage wouldn't be a problem. The more sun, the better.

From your description, you have good light. Are you having problems with your plants?
If so, light isn't the only issue. Fruits and herbs need fresh air, too. I'm unsure about humidity.
Actually, both plants do best outdoors, very difficult keeping in a house.

If your weather is warm, is it possible to open a window? Do you have a patio? Summering both plants outdoors would benefit.

Who wouldn't want fresh strawberries and herbs? But as I said, both plants are nice to have, but difficult growing indoors. Especially in a zone 6 winter.
Maybe you have a Super Green Thumb???

I understand you want to 'Green-Up' your house. There are thousands of plants to choose from..Tropicals, semi-tropicals, succulents. Do any interest you? If so, your home can look like the tropics..or desert. :)

Anyway, back to your original question..I see no problem moving your strawberry and herb plants twice a day. Good luck, Toni

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Thanks SO MUCH Toni!

It's still very early in their lives (I've been at this "gardening thing" about a month now) but all the plants I've got growing right now seem to be doing quite well.

My current window sill garden includes:
2 Strawberry Plants
2 Pansy plants in terrariums
1 Pineapple Mint
1 Jar of Pineapple Mint cuttings (for sharing with friends)
1 Lemon Thyme
1 Oregano
1 Rosemary
1 Dwarf Lavender
1 Purple Leaf Sage
1 Jade
1 Cutting of DiffenBachia with a small root that just sprouted... it's in a glass jar (it's not in direct sunlight though as I was told this plant likes indirect sunlight)

The strawberries are actually at the point where the petals have fallen off the flowers and they are growing larger and resembling strawberries so I guess moving them hasn't done much damage.

I asked my question because the south facing window they usually sit in (my bedroom) gets great afternoon sun but I read that Strawberries and Sage (and I believe a few other plants I've got) require 8-hours of full sun - Hence wanting to make sure it was ok to move them from the living room window with the great full morning sunlight, back to the bedroom window at noon for the great afternoon sunlight.

They are all doing well except the sage which is a little droopy but I expected at least 1 casualty and it hasn't happened just yet. I am hoping if i move it to get full sun for 8 hours it will perk up again.

And yes, i can open my windows a bit for them... I was worried about a draft but i suppose they like the fresh air as much as i do!



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Jake..The plants you're growing are difficult, but if they're thriving, you're a very successful indoor gardener.
Perhaps your Garden Angel is watching over... :)

One reason it's said most of your plants require 8-hours of full sun is because they're usually grown outdoors. Many gardens don't get 8 hours.
Indoors, 'unless one has a solarium, etc' 8 full hours of sun is impossible.

Good luck, Jake. Hope your plants do well, Toni

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