will powdery mildew kill butternut squash on the vine

Caffie7(6b)August 4, 2011

I was a little slow taking care of the powdery mildew on my butternut vines-- underestimated how bad a problem it was. Now I have vines filled with yellow-spotted and dead leaves, which I cut off every day. Yesterday I sprayed with a dilute milk solution and saw for the first time the dark spores covering the underside of the leaves. Ack! Today all the dark spores are gone, so the milk did the trick. Now just waiting for the rest of the infected leaves to die off.

My question, what are the chances for the squash on the vines already? There are about 10-12 of them and they look healthy. About 2/3 of the mature leaves are gone. There is healthy new growth at the ends of the vines. Will the squash develop any further or should I just harvest it now? I am not sure how much the growing fruit depends on leaves, or if just being attached to the vine is all it needs. Can the new leaf growth help the growing squash further back on the vine? Thanks for any advice.

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you dont have powdery mildew it sounds like you downey mildew.

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Yes I think it is downy mildew. It was confusing at first because the leaves all looked covered in white. So it looked like powdery mildew. Then the white completely disappeared and there were yellow spots, so I thought maybe this was stage 2. But looking online it says that the dark spores under the leaves is a sign of downy, not powdery.

Anyway, it just shrivels the leaves to brown crackly paper, which is worse than what I was reading about powdery mildew. And the cucumbers have had it for the past several days, with heavy foliage death and cucumbers stuck at half size. But I was out there with more dilute milk solution this afternoon spraying the cukes, pruning like crazy, taking off all the half-size cukes, and it seems to have worked, at least tonight the leaves look like their normal after-dark selves, perked up again. Will have to wait and see how the butternut and cukes do now.

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