Unusual squash(?)

AgriffAugust 26, 2013

Can anyone help me identify this? The closest I can come by doing an image search on Google is "Orange Magic Squash" from Reimer Seed Company. I have never ordered anything from them, and never intended to plant this. I cannot seem to find the envelope this came out of, but I know it was not a volunteer.

It is approximately 12" long, and 16" in diameter. You can see the pumpkin orange color. It's quite lovely, and I hope tasty, but I'm a little afraid to eat it since I'm not sure what it is! Any ideas?

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Did you plant any yellow straight-necked summer squash?

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Nope. That was my first suspicion - yellow summer crossed with something, but I only planted zukes this year for summer squash.

It kind of looks like a yellow summer, but such a deep orange, and very hard-shelled. Oh, and quite warty!

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The old OP straightnecks are quite warty when mature and have this general appearance. When dry it will be hollow like an ornamental squash/gourd. Most likely a mixed breed tho.

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Do you think I should try to eat it?

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It would be harmless in any event. If it is a straightneck and it is dried, all you find is a hard rind and a clump of seeds. No meat like a winter squash.

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It is a mongrel. It has happened to me many times. I have always eaten my mongrels. This year I had a zucchini turn into a bottle shaped gourd (I ate it, nothing special). Two years ago I had a winter squash, nominally a butternut, with butternut shape and Hubbard size and warty rind, which was one of the best tasting squashes I have ever had (I saved the seeds). I had to tie it to the trellis because it would have broken the vine. One other zucchini made a giant vine and is blooming only now. This has happened with both Territorial and Johnny seeds. With Territorial melon seeds I had a veritable house of ill repute, and numerous soapy tasting melons.

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I'm sorry to hear that about Territorial seeds.

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