Fiddle leaf fig propagation disaster

slettvinMay 2, 2007

Hi all,

In the past I have successfully propagated new plants from my very leggy Fiddle leaf by air layering with black sphagnum moss encased in plastic, so...I decided to do it again. This time I used a different king of moss - the light brown stuff you use for hanging baskets. Since I had such success the last time, after the 8 week period, I cut them off before unwrapping them to check. Dumb move. There were no roots! I tried to dip them in Rootone, and put them in soil, but they are starting to droop, so I took them out of the soil, and they are in water now. Is there any way to save these cuttings? They are quite large and beautiful, and I would hate to loose them!

Thanks in advance!

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This just happened to me as I tried to air layer my rubber tree, and it didnt take either. I put the cutting in water, and it is sprouting roots now, took a couple weeks, buy its working. You might want to try cutting it again and putting it right into medium....I prefer water to root, I have better luck with it.

Hope this helps!!


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Please help, I need instruction on air layering method of propagation to use on my 20 year old 18ft tall Fiddle leaf fig plant that I planted in my front yard when we were both younger.

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