Few plant questions from newbie

lescont(7)May 11, 2013

Hi am new to houseplants and this forum. I recently bought a small spider plant from my local grocery store. I had been wanting one but believe it or not could not find one anywhere this was the first and only I had seen in the 2 months I was looking so I bought it. It had more brown than I had realized and I cut of all the brown not really sure weather or not I should. There is not much left but the new growth how long should it take to start filling out? Also will fertilizing help? And what do I use? I had been using plant spikes on my other plants but just read today that those are no good, so probably wont be using any more. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You can see where I cut off the brown part. There are still a couple leaves with brown tips but I was afraid I cut too much so I just left them. Not sure what to do with the brown tips leave them or cut them?

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You just have to leave them as they are
because I noticed from my experience with spider plant that when I cut brown tip from certain leave, the browning will appear again on the same leave since I water them with tap water and of course this plant is very sensitive to minerals in tap water. and don't be afraid , all leaves that you cut , the plant will produce another instead just you have to be patient .


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cara_585(Pacific Maritime Zone 6b)


I had a spider plant that was pretty much dead. After much research I decided to down size the pot, put it in my kitchen window so it would get LOTS of light (no direct) and water it sparingly as I read that they don't like too much water. I too, cut off a lot of brown leaves.

Now, it has sprung right back and it is looking amazing! Be patient and it will turn around and look super healthy.

So don't you worry. :)

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