Houseplants for smokers help with smell?

wertach zone 7-B SCMay 26, 2011

Is there a houseplant that does a good job of reducing the smoke smell that is safe to have around pets?

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

No, as someone who smoked cigarettes for 42 yrs., I'd know or have heard of it if there were.

Really, don't mean it as rude or snide, but the only way to reduce smoke smell is open the windows &/or stop smoking.

I don't use air fresheners, but often keep a small dish of baking soda open & exposed (especially in the bathroom), that does help contain odors.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Sorry, but pirate girl is right. Plants can't reduce the stink of cigarette smoke.

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You could always endulge in your habit outside......

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odyssey3(7 noVA)

No is the right answer and additionally the smoke will harm the plants.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Sorry Odyssey, that's just not true that the smoke will harm the plants, if it were I wouldn't have any plants.

But I will say, I always kept the windows open at least an 1" all year round (in NYC, which gets both cold & snowy).

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Not that I know if, but if you can't stop the source of the smoking, get a Rabbit Air HEPA filter:

Pets can get asthma and lung cancer from second hand smoke, too.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

The stuff that's in the smoke can coat the leaves and even smother the stomates. This I know from cleaning the leaves of my mother's plants when she used to smoke.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Any plants that are in the house will help freshen the air. It would be impossible to have enough plants to eliminate the smell, but the more plants you have in your house, the fresher the air will be.

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I'm not proud admitting I'm a smoker, but I do not agree smoke will harm plants. If that were the case, my plants would be history. My oldest plant is 39-yrs-old.

As for pets getting asthma or lung cancer from second-hand smoke...My male Cockatiel is 15-yrs-old, plus..he was less than 10-weeks when adopted..In captivity, Cockatiels are said to live 15-20 yrs, although the average tiel lives 7-10.
Our Mastiff is 11-yrs-4-months. A Mastiffs life span is 7-9 yrs..
Because of a Mastiffs' size, 'Sam is 172 lbs,' 'unlike small-med size dogs/one yr equals a human's 7 yrs,' in Mastiff years, 1 yr human life equals 9 years.
So, in human years, Sam is a little over 99-yrs-old.

Plus other pets 4-years and older.

Again, I am NOT proud admitting I'm a smoker, and wish I could quit, but it 'ain't' easy. I even tried E-cigs, but they've become dust collectors.

There isn't any simple way to rid smoke odor, except as Karen said, open windows, quit, or try E-cigs.

As strange as it might sound, I don't use chemicals, 'I know, I know, I smoke, but worry about chemicals, lol.' Air fresheners are out..In winter, 'when windows are shut,' I use candles and incense..It coverd smoke odors, but doesn't rid it.
However, IMO, candles and incense are safer than Air Fresheners..
That Fabreze commercial drives me up the wall. A woman is spraying her veggie bin, furniture, and baby area with Fabreze!!

Blanketing one chemical for another doesn't cut it. The only solution is keeping a window opened or smoking outdoors.. -10, lol Toni

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Toni, I'm glad your pets are doing well, but it doesn't prove anything; not all first-hand smokers get lung cancer either.

Candles (I assume you mean aromatic?) and incense are just another kind of chemicals, though I don't disagree that they might be more palatable to our plants and pets.

Whether tobacco smoke or incense, you'll be adding pollutants to the air. Mind you, I imagine you'd have to be a pretty heavy smoker to harm your plants to the point of dying, but rhizo_1 is right that the smoke is going to settle on your plants (and anything else in your home).

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Citosa, I agree with you..
Ironically, I don't use chemicals, or try not to, lol.
Smoking is hard to quit.
Ever drive by a non-smoking company in winter? Smokers are standing outside, lighting up. At -4F degrees.

The only way/s to avoid cig/cigar odors is by quitting or E-cigs. Some E-cigs contain a little nicotine, but most don't. Just water vapor. These cigs are second-hand smoke..
If they work, fine..

Since the price of cigs are so high, I'm now smoking filtered, flavored little My favorite is grape.

A while back, there was an article about a Pakastani man who has lung cancer. The doctors believe, Clove cigs/cigars will cure him. They've been blowing clove smoke on him daily, using machines. Wish I could find a follow-up of this article..Found it on Yahoo.

Yes, aromatic candles. I don't light candles or insense anywhere near the birds. Actually, it's been a while since lighting a candle or burning insense. They're lit when I'm in the mood. Cinnamon is one of my favorites, especially during autumn and winter seasons.
I quit using air fresheners, 'electric' when I read they could start a fire. It might be a rumor, but I don't want to chance it. And like you said, they're chemical coverups. I tossed them in the trash.

Citrus, I should clarify my statement about pets. Sam, 'Mastiff' is way over his age limit. Most English Mastiff's live 7-9 yrs..he'll be 12, Jan 31st.
He's an old man, has slowed down, drastically. Soon, I expect he'll be in doggie heaven..
However, I don't blame his conditions on's age.

My 15/6 year old Cockatiel, Mystic, flies around the room like a young chick. Still, when I look at his face, age-lines are evident. This is natural, even though I dislike it. He's my favorite. Quite spoiled. Loves ice

My smoking varies..I've cut back the last week..When something stressful happens, I light up more often. I know it's not a good idea, but what can I say?

BTW, I do not believe tobacco is harmful. It's the chemicals sprayed on plants that causes cancer and other lung diseases. Insecticides, etc. Toni

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Do you mean that you believe tobacco is not harmful to plants, or not harmful at all to either plants, pets and people? Because I don't care about the former, but I wouldn't even know where to begin with the latter.

Anyway my point about your pets is that however well they're doing, it's irrelevant to what Tinan wrote about the potential ill effects of second hand smoke.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hiya Toni,

Please know that I say this w/ all affection, yes I KNOW Smoking is hard to quit. But if one TRIES ... I am now 3- 1/2 yrs. off tobacco (Jan. 24) after 42 yrs.

Yes, I too was one of those DORKS standing outside in the cold smoking ... gosh -- I look a folks doing this now & can't imagine what a lifetime ago that was. And I was overweight at times (& am again). To think what we do to our bodies, the smoke & the overweight, YIKES.


Something I learned in some research about smoking, pretty much changed my thinking. It's not the tobacco or even the additives (which I thought it was), it's the COMBUSTION. The process of these materials being BURNED turns them into many other chemicals (I've read as many as 500).

Anyway, I stand by open windows &/or baking soda.

I personally believe these chemical 'fresheners' should be researched & regulated since they are INHALED which basically renders them drugs.

Anything inhaled goes right to your lungs, then pretty quick to your brain; can't imagine a more potent way to deliver drugs to the brain. I wonder if they are a contributing factor to the rising number of Autism diagnoses.

Just like I also wonder about the harm of nicotine patches, since most of what we know about the harm of tar & nicotine, etc. is about it being inhaled, not absorbed through the skin. It is my personal opinion this stuff will be found to be carcinogenic, it certainly wasn't studied as safe to be inhaled, of that I'm sure.

I'd put money on same being true of chemical air fresheners, never mind those augmented by being 'plugged in'. Yikes (Sorry, rant over.)

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Pirate girl....congratulations! It takes a great deal of strength to quit smoking and I admire you soooo much. When I think of what we went though to clean Mom's house after she moved...the tar and nicotine dripping from the walls when we tried to wash them, the stuff washed from the surfaces of the plants, the inside of windows, curtains, OMgoodness! I'm very happy for you and proud of you.

You are correct in your assumption that there are some hidden dangers in air fresheners. There are lots of studies out there, most of them pointing to hormonal toxicities, while others are looking at the central nervous system.

I can tell you this, with certainty: air fresheners affect me, personally, in a pretty serious manner. My tongue and finger tips get numb, my lips swell, I'll often develop a headache so acute that I almost pass out. I avoid public restrooms, certain aisles in the grocery store. My friends who use them know to get rid of them when I'm coming over, and so do the doctors's offices I visit. I've learned that I am far from alone, too.

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Brought several plants outside..the weather is beautiful: Breezy and humid..GReat for tropicals, a little too wet for succulents. But the air is fresh and scented from freshly mowed lawns and fragrant perrenials/bushes.

Citosa..yep, I believe tobacco itself is's all the crap they spray on leaves and in soil that causes problems.

The same applies to edibles. Meat: animals are fed/injected with steroids and antibiotics..Fruits and veggies: Sprayed with harsh insecticides and chemical fertilizers.
Not only on farmland, but sitting on store shelves, too.

Karen, did you ever cheat the last 3.5 yrs? How long did the craving last, and the fact you weren't holding something in your hand?

Not only is smoke/chemicals directed to the lungs, they're absorbed through our pores, too.

Karen, you made a good point about the increase of Autistic children. Makes one wonder.

I feel the same about A/C and always wondered about gas heat/stoves.
Buses and truck fumes..they stink. Household Cleaners, auto products, and so much more.

If I ever quit smoking, it won't be with the help of a nicotine patch or so-called pills.

Back to the original No matter what's used, nothing, no prodct or plant will remove smoke. It might cover up the odor, but not rid it. Toni

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Thanks Dorie for the Congrats, yes, I am VERY proud of myself for this.

I do believe this is one of THE finest things I have ever accomplished (sadly, I'm daughter & granddaughter of lifelong smokers, yet non drinkers & guess what, I don't drink.) If you only knew how much I was the person least likely to ever stop, it's even more unbelievable. I used to really enjoy smoking, you have no idea (right Toni?)

I actually lost a job over a fragrance making me ill where I worked. I needed to be on premises to do my job, no one told this other woman she needn't wear fragrance to do hers (when it was making me ill). My unemployment benefits from being dismissed over this were contested (I won, TWICE). In the process of researching to see how far I'd pursue this, I learned that the Canadian Postal Service regards & pitches itself as a fragrance free environment.

Fragrance & related issues are far more at play w/ every day life & ordinary materials than many folks realize.

In the 80s, my mother was quite sensitive to what we now know as gas-fuming; gas exuded from new products & finishes more often than not, petrochemical in nature (like new car finishes or new fixtures & furniture) or of now-known carcinogens like formaldehydes in drapes, upholstery finishes, wall treatments, etc. (My B.S. in Textile Design didn't only relate to Art & Design but also to Petroleum Product Engineering & Chemistry as that's the origin of synthetic fibers.)

Fibers except for Rayon, which folks should pls. try to use as its the original recycled product: it's cellulose fiber, made from reconstituted paper pulp (tree bark & wood fibers, etc.)

I think this stuff is causing us unbelivable damage, especially to toddlers & children, still developing & growing.

The FDA is sure sleeping at the switch on all this.

Sorry to original poster, I sure DID digress!

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If your plants start choking and wheezing, you might be in trouble!

Nasty habit for sure! I'm unfortunately a smoker too, but because the smoke gets on everything, deep into drapes, rugs, etc, I rarely smoke in the house nowadays. I'll go out in the garage in the winter, or outside. If I do smoke indoors once in a blue moon, it's in front of the stove fan.The advise you where given is correct, plants are not going to help when it comes to cig smoke, they aren't magic plants:)
Wash and scrub everything clean and you best bet is to go outside.

Billy Rae

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Karen...Right, ditto, si, YES! Smoking is enjoyable! :)

Congrats, winning twice..once is difficult, two times is downright impossible.

Did your mom smoke in her 80's? My mom is 79 and still puffs away. Although, the last couple months she cut back to one cig every two hours.

God, everything causes problems these days..materials! Clothing, food, Colas..they said coffee was bad a few years ago, then changed it. I think they did. Eggs! My MIL ate eggs for breakfast since she was able to chew..She passed away at 94-yrs-old..Her body was tired..She didn't have heart problems or cancer. She passed while asleep.

Our furnace 'pipes' insulation is wrapped with asbestos. Sp? This bothers me..It's an old, Freddy Kruggar type furnace. Once used coal, then converted to gas.

I wonder about electric. Ever walk under wires? They literally sizzle. We've only been to this area a few times; the hair on my arms stood erect. It's a creepy feeling. My intuition tells me it's harmful.

Karen, the FDA and a few other government agencies are sleeping.

Billy, lol.
Ever since my neice had her house built, she vowed never to smoke doesn't matter how cold or hot temps are, she smokes outside.

A couple weeks before this thread started, I cut back. That is hard to in the he** does one quit? Go cold turkey? Patches are out. E-Cigs aren't the same.

Exactly, Billy, there's no magic plant that soaks up smoke. Other than a house filled with blooming Hyacinth and Lilac blooms, that would cover the odor.
But, there's no magical, year round blooming Hyacinths and Lilacs either. lol. Toni

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marquest(z5 PA)

I am a smoker and I may sound like Toni. I had a dog live to be 20 yrs. He could have been older. He was a rescue dog so I do not know how old she was when I got her. I now have a English Mastiff and a old Cockatoo that is 30 yrs old. I do not smoke a lot my job would not let me smoke a lot. LOL I am on planes and in airports for hours and most are No Smoking airports. Hotels are no smoking rooms. A pack will last me 4-5 days.

I seldom smoke in the house. If I do my head is hanging out of the window. I do have at least 15 plants in every room. People ask me how as smoker my house does not smell like smoke. I also put my plants in the shower once a month in the winter.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi folks,

I just looked & seems the OP has not been back. So I'll feel free to continue the thread in the direction I've been helping it (ranting on & off).

Couple of thoughts,

Toni, no I haven't cheated, I don't even allow for the possibility.

My Mom is a non-smoker.

Yes, cold turkey, maybe not for everybody, but worked for me.

Pls. refresh your self (if you like) at the Conversations Area, thread about my Off Cigarette Anniversaries, I've updated it, you may find it helpful.

I'll share a couple of tips:

sometimes baby steps are good to start:

change your thinking (phrasing) from 'if I ever stop smoking' to 'when I stop smoking', allow yourself to CONSIDER THE POSSIBILITY.

I had an insight before I stopped smoking that for me made a lot of sense. I drink lots of both water & coffee, I realized that I could reach for a glass of water instead of a cigarette. So I encouraged myself after I stopped by thinking: don't smoke, drink water instead.

I do sometimes put things in my mouth, the odd paper clip, but that's mostly subsided.

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paul_(z5 MI)

Well the point Tinan was making about pets is not invalid. The fact that some folks have had numerous animals who did not suffer from second hand smoke does not mean it cannot and does not occur. As Citosa mentioned, there are first hand smokers who never have issues (I know a couple myself) -- that does not disprove the research that shows there is a strong link between smoking and cancer.

Toni, tobacco contains nicotine and that IS a poison. It can be and in some cases is used as an insecticide. As such you shouldn't dismiss tobacco as harmless. Nor is it a case that the toxins in tobacco must be combusted to become dangerous. There is a very strong correlation between cancers of the mouth and chewing tobacco.

Toni & Marquest, you may already know of this and have tried it but in case you haven't ... there is a drug available that blocks the cell receptors the nicotine bonds to. I don't know how long the program of use is and I wish I could remember the name of the drug. Our IT guy at work is using it to quit smoking. (If you're interested I can try to ask him next time I run into him what the stuff is called.) As I understand it, based on what he told me, by blocking those particular cell receptors, it prevents the "feel good" feeling smoking tobacco provides. Therefore even if you decide to 'cheat' and have "just one cigarette", you find that it gives you no satisfaction. This in turn makes it easier to quit since you are no longer deriving any pleasure from it. I know he said he has been quite happy with the results and I think he said he is 5 months smoke free.

My dad quite smoking about 30 years ago. He had been a heavy smoker since he was in his early teens. (He started at about 12 or 13.) He did have some strong motivation to quit. My sis was born at 6 months and weighed just over 3 pounds. Being a preemie her lungs were not fully developed. The doctor told him he had one of two choices -- quit smoking or get used to not seeing his daughter because she wouldn't be able to be around him for health reasons. For him, the only thing that worked was going "cold turkey". Now years later, it is actually amusing to hear him complain about the smell at his brother's place (my uncle is a chain smoker).

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NASA is doing a study about installing indoor grow chambers linked to the the vents in huge officebuilds as a way to improve air qulity/Oxygen. Plants filter air but I would not recomend using palnts as a way to filter cig smoke. Like some have said get a air filter or even one of those "smokeless ashtrays".

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marquest(z5 PA)

To the OP I think the plants will help with the harmful fumes in the air from smoke since it has been proven (scientifically) that it helps air quality from gas, and harmful fumes from carpet, the glue they use for installation when building new homes etc. But I do not think it will help with the smell.

Paul thank you. There are a lot of drugs out there to stop smoking I really think the best thing is wanting to stop more than any drug.

I guess my main issue is the way people have focused in on smoking as the ultimate killer. I was in one of the few airports that had a smoking room. A woman that was so over weight she was having trouble walking she screamed at the top of her lungs that people were killing other people everytime they opened the smoking room door.

She was angry because she had to stop and rest as she walked and that resting point was at the door of the Smoking room. I saw her later across from the smoking room in the eatery having 5 slices of pizza, fries and large drink.....and she was worried about second hand smoke.

If you look up studies more people die from a bad diet but it has been drumed into society that only smoking will kill you.

Don't get me wrong I am not saying smoking is good for you but it is not the only thing people should focus on as the worst thing a person can do.

I will get off my rant box.

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Marquest, funny you should mention people ask why your house doesn't smell like smoke.
The same goes here, although I don't stick my head out the window to take a puff/s. lol.'re strong-willed. It takes a lot of effort to go cold turkey..the first week must have been he**.
As I mentioned before, I've cut back 'several times.' While asleep, I'd wake and crave a cigarette. I managed to resist, and finally got back to sleep..

I believe smoking, like any drug, is more mental than physical, 'even though some people withdraw.' Mind over matter.
You're shouldn't be, 'if I stop,' it should be 'when I stop.'
I once bet a friend I could quit..I lost. lol

Karen, they've said smoking causes heart and lung problems since the 60's. What motivated you to quit?
I'm got to get back outside, 'doing work,' in a few, but I'll check the Conversation Forum later. You might have explained the reason/s.

Paul, I agree with Marquest..There are numerous pills and patches on the market.
Heck, I know two people who were hynotized.
It worked on the husband, 'he gained over 100 lbs,' the wife couldnt' wait to leave the doc's office and have a smoke. lol.

This might sound conflicting, but I fear taking pills. I am allergic to everything, including many antibiotics and allergy meds. I ended up in the ER after taking 1 teas of Formula 44 cough syrup. the airport your talking about in Atlanta? Don't know if you want to say..
When we flew to Fort Benning, 'son was in the army,' we had to stop at Atlanta first. We walked in the smoking section..My God, the air was
My dh, who is not a smoker said, 'a person can get lung cancer just walking in that room,' lol.

To be honest, I'm sorry I ever started smoking. When I was a youngin', while in bed, my parents would sit down, watch old movies, smoking and drinking coffee. I remember thinking, I can't wait until I'm older so I can do the same. lol.
My mother smoked Parliments. They STUNK. If they were the only cigarette around, I'd never had lit up that first cig.
Then my friends started smoking, so one day I bought a pack of Marlboro. I smoked one..that pack was hidden under my mattress for 6 about stale. lol.

I found smoking relaxing..but at the time, I probably smoked to be 'cool,' like my friends. But cool turned to enjoyment..
When cigs went up to .75 a pack, I vowed, if they ever went to 1.00, I'd quit. lol. A pack costs 7-10 depending where they're sold. One reason I started smoking flavored little cigars. But, I hear they're supposed to be safer than cigarettes..For one thing, the paper is natural..I just ordered a few cartons from a mail order cig store. The woman and I talked..she smokes..she even said the little cigars are safer than cigs. They have less nicotine, and natural paper..And a LOT cheaper than cigs. 10.00-11.00 a carton..of course there are some that cost 60.00 a carton..don't know the difference.

One has to want to quit. Like I said, mind over matter. I do and I don't..Toni

Paul, I forgot to say..I am very sorry about your sister, and please don't get me wrong, but premature babies are born regardless if parents smoke or not.
My aunt and uncle were non=smokers. Their first son was born premature..he was so tiny, a standard diaper didn't fit.
Babies are born with problems. I'm not saying smoking is healthy, but since the 60's, so many people blame EVERYTHING on smoking.
Forget other reasons like spraying a home with a zillion chemicals, breathing cars/trucks/bus fumes, and so many other things..Even foods we eat and air.

Oh, one more dh's neice and never were non=smokers. At the time, cockroaches got in their appartment..She was pregnant..They sprayed the house with a very toxic, probably illegal insecticide.
Her first son was born with extra fingers..It's very difficult to think or talk about..the poor kid can't open a door, or lift something..he's had numerous surgeries but so far nothing's worked..

In my mind, it goes back to chemicals. They enter our mouths and pores.

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marquest(z5 PA)

Toni, the airport was in Denver. They have a nice smoking room. You are right the Atlanta smoking rooms look like you have died and went to H&ll. LOL

Oh Toni you mentioned my other fear. If I put on a 100 pounds I think I would put my head in the oven. My friend stopped she put on 200 lbs and had gastric bypass operation because of so many illness that were happening with the weight. Her blood pressure went up she was borderline diabetic and, and. She said when she stopped smoking her body started to fall apart. But she has never picked up another cig. She is just the Doctors best customer now.

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paul_(z5 MI)

Oh I'm sorry if I wasn't clear, Toni. The doctor wasn't blaming my dad's smoking for causing my sister to be a preemie -- nor was I. The doctor's point was simply that her lungs would not be able to handle the smoke and I mentioned it largely to indicate what motivated my dad to quit. And I know what you mean about the diaper not fitting, that was my sister's case too. My folks even have a pic of a nurse holding her in one hand. Fortunately, my sister grew up just fine.

Even natural paper is an issue. I wish I could remember the source but, interestingly enough to me any way, was an article I read that indicated the paper used for cigars and cigarettes also is laced with carcinogens. It made more sense upon further reading the article the author pointed out that the paper is treated with fire retardants. That had never occurred to me that fire retardants would be applied to the paper. It is logical though -- regular paper would burn up way too fast to be useful for cigs.

I do fully agree with you, Marquest, about the problems with obesity. I can't tell you how many students I see eating chips, candy bars, and pop for breakfast. It really kills me. Last year I had several students who would regularly hang out in my room during lunch. My lunches were an endless source of fascination for them it seemed. They couldn't get over that I cooked most of my meals. For most of them, dinner at home was usually takeout (and of coure fried food at that).

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marquest(z5 PA)

I wonder if wertach is living with a smoker and is trying to minimize the smell. I know people have spouse that smoke and the other spouse does not smoke.

My suggestions is...Spider plants. Open the windows as often as you can. Paint your house once a year. Sprinkle Baking Soda on carpets, let it sit for 1/2 hr and vacum. Damp mop the floors every evening or at the very least every two days with Pine Sol, wipe down all wood surface with lemon oil. Windows washed every month with vinegar, Rid your home of heavy drapes. Use mini-blinds and sheer curtains that can be washed once a month.

This may sound like a lot of work but my daughter has dust allergies so I had to do all this to keep a fresh, minimal "Dust free" home. But I find it also keeps your house smelling fresh all the time.

Paul I am so amazed that not only do kids eat bad so do their parents. I saw a woman getting sandwiches out of the vending machine at work one evening. She said she was buying them for dinner for the family. I would not eat those sandwiches for lunch when they were suppose to be fresh why would I buy them for dinner. LOL

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Again,

Toni, I forget, but I think I DID explain my reasons for quiting in the Conversations Post.

A note of caution here pls. for anyone considering using medication for smoking cessation:

What is NOT being made public is some of these are Psych drugs. An area I know something about, given that my Mom was diagosed as bipolar some 25 yrs. ago & my ex-fiance is a Psychiatrist. Given the improvement of the meds over 25 yrs. & how they've help my Mom (very high functioning, you'd never have known if I hadn't said), I've read a fair amount about this stuff & tried to keep up w/ its development. So on a Pysch level, some things have improved a lot (better care & treatment for many of the afflicted), but now they've discovered using some pysch for other uses & applications. While some of these applicaions may have short term success, we have NO idea of the consequences of off label use as it's not really being studied.

But there this thing in American pharmacology called "off label use" where it's permitted for medications to be used for purposes other than those for which they were originally designed & studied. This is one of those cases, & these meds can have consequences. I wouldn't want to find out after the fact I'd been on these meds; I'm more afraid of their potential side effects than the hazards of the smoking.

Also, I'd determined a long time ago, the techniques I was going to try (hadn't ever thought about cold turkey); accupuncture & hyponosis, figuring they'd be the safest avenues, successful or not.

Yea, the stuff about the food & "diet industry' is appalling, seeming to result in larger & more medically compromised people & kids in particular. I cook & shop & what one sees if observant, yikes! Check out Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution show sometime. I happened to see it last night, showed a bunch of 17 yr. olds who have no idea where basic food stuffs come from, was amazing to see!

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wertach zone 7-B SC

Sorry I took so long getting back, I forgot about the post! I mostly smoke outside but I like to have one or two with my coffee and computer in the mornings. My girlfriend smokes only inside, she hates the outdoors.

She is always burning candles to try and remove the smell. I'm allergic to them as well as any kind of perfume. 15 seconds after she lights a candle I am sneezing and eyes watering.

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Wow, this post is still going and number 1 to boot.

Since the temp is in the high 90's, even 100F, I've been out gardening and hauling indoor plants outdoors.. :)
Gotta love summer!

Marquest, never been to the smoking area as 'smoggy' as Atlanta? LOL

Marqiest, you and Paul would freak if you knew what I ate for breakfast..a can of RC! Sometimes a cup of tea..We're not coffee drinkers..When I wake, the thought of food makes me ill..I also skip lunch, but eat dinner.
Since gardening, my main meal consists of a bowl of Cheerios, an ice cream bar, and flavored water. (frozen)

My doc wants me to gain weight, but I'm not hungry..But please, let me explain a little. I suffer w/anxiety. When I get nervous the thought of food, despite the time of day, makes me sick to my stomach.
Since gardening, I've lost 4 lbs.

So, as for dieting or losing wt, 'or quitting smoking,' there's only one thing to do that works..DON'T EAT, DON'T LIGHT UP! LOL.

I'm disgusted of seeing fraudulant smoking and diet scams on tv commercials..if one wants to lose weight, don't down food all day..the same goes with smoking.
I agree with Karen about drugs and patches. Who knows what side effects they'll have in the future???
Sorry, didn't mean to rant.

Paul, sorry about the mistake. Sometimes, written words can be mistaken for other meanings.
Regardless, I'm sorry about your little sister. I understand about smoking and her under-developed lungs..It would have been awful smoking around her. I hope and pray she's fine today.

Aw, paper on cigs..If you scroll up, I mentioned I now smoke Flavored, Filtered, Little Cigars..Little Cigars are not wrapped with paper..they use leaves..Au natural. No chemcials. Little cigars contain a limitted amount of tobacco/Nicotine.
Every so often I smoke a pack a month, if that..4 months went by w/o smoking any cigs.

Marquest, I too have heard Spider Plants are 'clean air machines.' But the truth is, and this is from one smoker to another..if Spiders work, we'd probably need 50 to work..otherwise, the only way to keep air clean is by not smoking or using/spraying chemicals..
When I worked at a plant store, a few ppl would call and ask, 'Which plants are Clean Air Machines?' lolol..

Karen, I haven't been to Conversations in months. The last time I checked, it was pretty dead. I wonder how many people know Conversations exists???

Karen, I don't understand something..Are you saying docs are prescribing Psych drugs for smokers to quit?

Karen, I'm not sure I disagree about new drugs being safer than they were 25 yrs ago. Do you ever read the side-effects (little print) or they announce it, on many new medications?
A few months ago, my doc prescribed a pain med, 'non-narcotic' medication. Before taking meds, I always reseach the ingredients and side effects..
The first three sites said, 'May Cause Instant Death.' Those pills went in the toilet. The second side effect was Coma. He was supposed to tell me not to take aspirin or Tylenol which I take daily for my knees/back. If I had taken one, I'd have been violently ill.
My point is, meds they were using for years like Penicillan, sp, did the job..if allergic, there was Erethromycan..forgive my spelling, please. Now they have antibitoics that work in 5 days..They 'might' work, but what will happen in the future?
I forget where I heard/read this but some doc made the dummest F888888 comment ever. He said, people will die when it comes to new medications, but that's the only way we'll know if they work!!! WHAT?
What if one of those ppl are our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers...loved ones?? I bet the doc who made that remark never took one of the 'new meds.'

Sorry again..I haven't been online a while, and thinking about this stuff is upsetting..need to vent. :)

Wertach..glad to see you've returned..Are you surprised seeing how long your thread grew? lol

You must really love your g/f since you're allergic to smoke and scents, yet deal with it. She's very lucky having such an understanding man. A man who sneezes, but Toni

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marquest(z5 PA)

Toni Colorado Smoking room is beautiful nothing like Atlanta.
It is strange because Atlanta has the open door thing but Co has a closed frosted door and it is clean not dingy,dirty or smoke filled when you go inside the room. There is a lot of fresh air pumped in and the smoke sucked out.

Toni I wish you well and hope you can find a doctor that can help. I do believe a lot of illness can be handled with diet and natural supplements.

I searched out a holistic doctor that does not think that Pharmaceutical drugs are the end all to be all help. If the natural supplements will work he suggest them and writes a drug prescription. He tells you how to take the vitamins and the drug prescription. Gives you a time limit to wait on the vitamins to work if no results he tells you to get the drug prescription filled.

He is not a snake oil doctor because he does not sell vitamins in his office. He suggest a couple of companies and you buy them on your own.

I cannot tell you how many times just taking a vitamin has helped with my nausea, back pain, swelling, sinus, etc.

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Hi Marquest..It's good to hear CO's airport has decent ventilation in their smoking area. Atlanta should follow suit.
Of course, most smokers don't care how smoggy a room is..if they want a smoke, they're going to light up. lol.

Marquest, I buy vitamins, take them a few days, then forget. Another problem, I have PROBLEMS swallowing pills.
We have a shelf filled with vitamins. They've probably expired. Some are horse pills, lol. I place one in my mouth, and no matter how much water I drink, the pill is still in my mouth,

I didn't know you needed a prescription to buy certain vitamins. Or do you mean, he writes a prescription for 'X' medication that isn't holistic/vitamin related?

Marquest, I believe a good diet, vitamins and exorcise will keep a person healthy. But it's a matter of changing ones life style. You know?

I'm assuming, you take vitamins?

What's ironic is, everytime I decide to 'live healthy,' start taking vitamins, I get sick. lol..Not only a stomach ache, but sick sick. Sore throat, cough, etc.

I just had 'Linner.' Can of RC and a

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hey Toni,

What's Linner? Would that be lunch + dinner? Sorry, ignorant me, what's RC (am guessing RC Cola)?

Well Toni, since you said you don't eat much, vitamins tend to work best when absorbed WITH FOOD; may be irritants to an empty stomach depending on what they are. Ask the vitamins store about the shape & size if that's an issue for you. Some vitamins can be gotten in liquid form, if pills are an issue, though I believe they're more expensive.

Have you told the doc you've tossed the meds he prescribed?

Curiosity requires that I ask what medication you're referring to w/ the following:

"The first three sites said, 'May Cause Instant Death.'"

Come on, you can't say something like that & not tell. No fair!

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Karen...yes, linner is lunch and dinner. Supposed to be a joke, guess it wasn't funny..similar to brunch.

Remember there was a problem with my son? Before the problem, I ate better. Only once did I take vitamins on an empty stomach, NEVER again.
Even when I ate better, I'd get sick a day or two after starting vitamins. Not stomach aches. Sore throats, coughs, etc.

I bought a B-Complex in liquid form at Walmart..It too is sitting on the shelf with the other vitamins and minerals.

Yep, I told my doctor what I 'heard.' He knows how I am when it comes to meds anyway, guess he thought I'd give them a shot. What he didn't know is, when I'm prescribed a new medication, test or surgery, I Google, search the web. Then make up my mind. After 3 sites said, DEATH, 'first line' I knew the pills were going down the toilet. Side effects were awful and very scary.

Karen, the pills were Anti-Inflammatories. I don't know if they were non-steroid.
After reading your thread, I searched for a site that lists prescription anti-inflammatories. If I heard the name I'd probably recognize it. All I remember is they were oval, orange, and super expensive.

The doc gave me a sample box. They're meant to take once a day. They had to be new or semi-new because they only came brand name, no generic.
This is how it worked. Docs give enough 'sample' pills to last a week. There's a phone number on the box. You call the number, and they give you a code. The code is basically a coupon for your first order. 75.00 off.
I asked the pharmacist the cost..she said it depends on the mgs and our insurance. She also said, expect to pay 'around' 200.00 for a months supply..Out of pocket, not counting insurance.
The pills don't contain opiates. One ingredient was the non-aspirin pain medication that they found causes liver damage. I don't use Aleve, sp, Advil, Tylenol, Ibuprofen or Motrin. (For pain, I take one of two powdered asprins: BC's or Goody's.)

There's a humongous dossage of the pain med that causes liver problems, and other ingredients in this anti-inflammatory. That's the reason I said, the doc was supposed to tell me not to take aspirin or non-aspirins before and during taking this pill. For one, it will cause severe stomach aches. And other stomach related issues............

Karen, if you, or if anyone else is reading this thread, knows a site w/drug information and pics, will you please give me the address? I checked drug dot com, but didn't find it. The letter V comes to mind, but I checked V's, no luck.

Karen, if I find the name, I'll let you know. It pi$$es me off they come out with dangerous meds, and use people as guinea pigs.
To make money..What's wrong with old medications? Pills that worked?

One doctor said, when we prescribe new drugs a few people will die...That's to be expected..As far as I'm concerned, one person who dies from trying a new medication, 'to get better,' is one too many. That IDIOT!

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marquest(z5 PA)

Yes Toni I mean the doctor writes prescription drugs not the vitamin. There are certain vitamin companies that have more natural ingredeints that he suggest. Some vitamins are more filler than vitamins.

I am very regimented. With taking anything. Everything is done on a schedule. Because I am so busy it has to be that way. My vitamns are mixed with a drink. The only thing that is a pill is CoQ-10.

Every morning I eat my rasin toast and cup of tea no sugar 1 hour later I take my vitamins. If you are getting sick it is probably something you are allergic to in the vitamins or the coating. This is every morning at the same time.

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birdsnblooms's a good idea taking vitamins/minerals on schedule.
There are some herbal, 'think they're herbs,' like Ginger Root that gives one energy.
I took this pill, and it did give me energy, but it also upset my stomach. 'After eating.'

I too drink tea, but add honey, otherwise it's too bitter. At night, I drink herbal teas, but again, a teas of honey is added. Never liked coffee..I love coffee's smell, and adore the plant, but don't care for it as a drink. Hard Coffee candy is good..
My family drinks pot after pot..Yuck. lol

Do you spread butter on your rasin toast? Umm, rasin's been years since eating this bread..

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hey Toni,

Try looking in the "Physician's Desk Reference" I believe that should give you a start.

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marquest(z5 PA)

Toni don't laugh but when I say a piece of rasin bread that is what I have. I take a slice out of the bag and eat it plain with my first cup of black tea. No sugar, cream or lemon. A 1/2 hour later I have my second cup of strong black tea and my vitamins. LOL

The rest of the day I drink black green tea or cranberry juice. I do not like flavor teas or sugar in my tea. I always have a drink in my hand.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

You two are cute, sharing tea stuff --

FYI: it's raisin -- just so you know.

(PG) Karen

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Marquest, actually I like cinnamon 'raisin, as Karen pointed out, lol,' toasted with butter..
Second must be

Karen, what should I check in the PDR?

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hey Toni,

Check the PDR for the medication you were discussing. You had asked (above) about places to look up medications w/ pics.

Don't know if it's online, am guessing so by now, if not, perhaps at a library.

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