Disease-resistant eggplant

blackjack701August 3, 2009

I'm looking for a source of verticillium wilt-resistant eggplant seeds. the variety "Irene" is supposed to be resistant to verticillium wilt. However, the only source I have found for seed of this variety is SeedWay and they only sell a minimum of 1,000 seeds for $18. Does anyone know of another source of "Irene" eggplant seeds in a small packet of 20-30 seeds for a lower price?

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Wind Crest Farms at store.windcrestorganics.com sells small inexpensive packets of the Irene eggplant variety that has intermediate resistant to verticillium. Unfortunately, the minimum order of seeds is $15. This shouldn't be a problem if you plan on buying other seeds from them. There is a variety called "Irene" found at www.growitalian.com, but I think this may be a case of the same common name but different variety. Johnny's Seeds sells 25 seeds for $3.45 of the "Nadia" F1 eggplant, which also has intermediate resistance to verticillium. More resistant varieties are known in the horticulture literature, but they are not available. For example, there is a 1983 paper from the journal Plant Disease available on the internet by the author M. O'Brien that refers to unavailable resistant lines of eggplant: Florida Market, Harris 468 Special Hibush, Harris Hybrid 77631. "Florida Market" may or may not be one and the same thing as the old heirloom variety by the same name. If it is the same thing, then this is also widely available. Harris Seed must have once offered the other two varieties, but they no longer sell them.

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In the topics eggplant scions are grafted onto V-resistant tomato rootstocks. Eggplants grown in black plastic containers get soil temps too high to please the V fungus.

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Special Hibush and 77631 were discontinued several years ago by Harris Seeds. Eastern Seed Services in NJ was producing seed of Special Hibush for a while, for the New Jersey grower market, however we are not certain if they still do. Currently, we do not have any varieties with resistance or intermediate resistance to Verticillium.

Mark Willis - Vegetable Seed Manager, Harris Seeds

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