Every day plants in decorative containers

scsva(7/VA)May 7, 2011

I'm beginning to have a real pet peeve with some of the big box stores. I'm sure that the plants in question are coming from EA (one of the suppliers anyway) but I'm seeing shelves of overpriced average every day plants in decorative pots. They are priced more than twice as much if they were sold separately. To top it all off, the little plants have roots coming out the bottom so they're ready to be potted up anyway. So what good does it do anyone to buy one to display? I wish they would clear their shelves to make room for all those little starter plants.


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Susan, I agree 100%..Stores actually are charging for 'undersized' pots. Big box stores pay a fraction what we end up paying..

EA is one out of a few nurseries big box stores buy from..HD changed to another supplier..Wish I kept the tag..the name is listed on the label.
I haven't seen an EA plant at HD at least half a year. Hanging or pots.

Walmart has done the same. Our Walmart recently remodeled. Before, there was a huge room dedicated to indoor plants. The last time we went, there was one stand with small, ceramic potted house plants. Priced, 8.99-9.99 for common, 4 and 5" every-day plants. Without the pot, these plants would have cost 2.99-3.99. Oh, these 'fancy' pots were without drainage holes..Sheesh!

Are there any local green house/nurseries around your house? They don't bother with ornate pots..their plants are in plastic, growing pots.

I guess we could write Corporate. If enough people complained, the Suits might think twice..They're losing money. True indoor gardeners aren't going to waste money for unwanted pots. The thing to do is write and stop buying. Eventually, they might stop selling common plants in high-priced containers, go back to growing pots, and decrease prices.

I have bought, reduced priced, ceramic potted plants, thrown in the 'Dead Cart.' A name I made up yrs ago. lol.
Most are tossed in carts, marked down as low as .10, depending on the type of plant.

I think we who believe, over-priced potted plants are a waste, should write Corporate, per store.. Toni

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

And to make matters worse, some of those containers are UUUUgggglllllyyy! ;-)

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From the looks of it, the rest of the public are not buying either. It doesn't appear that they are selling at all.


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Susan..which stores and plants do you mean? Thanks, Toni

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All big box stores and still talking about the regular plants in decorative containers. The shelves remain full of them.


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MojaveLove(5 - IL)

Costa Farms is one of the HD suppliers.

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