Some new plants of mine

plantsaremylife_grow(5b)May 14, 2011

Hi everyone! So after a very drab winter I decided it would be appropriate to treat my self with some new plants. I made an order from Logees and Gardino's. Here they are

This is my new Elaeocarpus or Lily of the valley tree. It stands about 8 inches tall and the leaves are huge. The longest one measures 7 inches. It came with flowers on it and is producing two new clusters of them. I estimate they should be open by next week. I will post pictures of that then. They are fragrant and to me smell like that of a daisy,

This is my new Hoya meliflua ssp. fraterna. It way beyond exceeded my expectations.

I cant wait to see if this blooms. The leaves are sooo heavy in substance.

This is Hoya macrophylla variegated

Here is my new Hoya imperialis

Pachypodium lamerei

This is the fern Drynaria rigidula "whitei"

Hoya kerrii 'fuzzy leaves'

Neomarica caerulea 'regine', giant apostles iris

Stephanotis floribunda

Well thats all for now ;) Thanks for looking!! Kyle

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Excellent, Kyle!
You've received some nicely diverse plants.
Thank you for sharing!


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Great looking plants one and all. Some I've never even heard of but are lovely.


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Wow, nice group of plants. I like that fern. Also like those dragonfly clips!

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I know, my likings are all over the place. I can't just like one family or one group of plants. I love ALL plants. There really isn't any plant I wouldn't take or by. Every group has there own attraction for me. Might be foliage, flower, shape etc.... I can't stop collecting plants! Although I LOVE my collection. I've got so much more that I hope to post pictures of sooner or later. This week I've got a variegated monstera coming in the mail. I can't wait! Some of those plants were some I've never heard of either so had to try them. Hopefully they all live. I highly recommend gardino. Buy from them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have lovely plants and have never been disappointed. Kyle

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Kyle, can I kill you??? lol, J/K...

After looking at your BEAUTIFUL plants, I went to Gardinos..Stopped myself at 3..

I have H. Mac Var but not half as large as yours..
Kyle, I am very Impressed with your new plants..Wowee!!!
They're absolutely gorgeous.

I've looked at your pics several times.

Your Lily of the Valley is adorable. Please keep me posted on its progress..It's out of stock, but they'll probably get more in soon. hehe

Hoya macrophylla Variegata is one of my favorite Hoyas, aside from H. Sigalltis. I looked around for variegated macro a long time..found an bought one, but it's fairly small..especially after seeing yours.
There was a nursery, Asiatica, that's out of business. They had a Var H. Mac 'Pot of Gold,' that was so expensive, you could have bought an 'as is house.' lol..well, not that expensive, but it was a LOT of money.
Came in a 2-3" pot.

All your Hoyas are good-size and look very healthy.

I adore your Drynaria..Wanted one, but the price was a little too steep..Again, let me know how yours does. It's quite unique. I love rare/unique plants.
Do Drynarias need a lot of humidity?
I almost bought a Drynaria corm from Thailand a couple years ago, but chickened out before clicking, 'Add.' lol.

Kyle, I am sooo impressed with your plants..Gardinos has lovely specimens. Good luck, Toni

Cute Pachypodium..Don't's a succulent.

I can't believe your Neomarica.. I can't tell you the number of times, a nursery I buy perrenials from, sent free bulbs..I either left in the garden or tossed..They looked dries out anyway..If I had one iota what they'd look like at maturity, I'd have thought twice about tossing them out.

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Toni- oooooooooo please tell me what you ordered. I'm excited for you!!! I knowdo had to limit mine. You should have seen my cart before I had to cut back lol. It's a tuff decision sometimes, but I'm very happy. I'm almost tempted to buy another of the fern and Hoya Mac. Var. and Hoya meliflua ssp. They truly surprised me when they came. I wasn't expecting those sizes. I estimate the meliflua and Kerri have at least 4-6 ft of vine each. The fern is so nice too! Those serrated fronds just scream "touch me, touch me!". and I think, "do I dare?". Lol...

I know what you mean about rare/unique plants! I just can't resist! I'm thinking it should tolerate low humidity. The fronds are similar in thickness to a Boston fern but alittle thicker I think. The rhizome isn't much to look at. It's a dirt color. The fern is pushing out new fronds though. I lost one when I opened it up; it was coming out the bottom of the holes of the pot. O well. I will let you know how it does!

I was so happy to get that Pachypodium. You have no idea. I fell in love with them when I saw a Pach. Lameri in Disney world a couple years ago. I have 7 Pachy. Gaeyi seedling but wanted Lameri. I've been chickening out too for quite some time too. Then they went out of stock for the longed time and I was quite bummed. But now yay I got one! When it comes to the apostles iris it just looked cool and I hear thy are quite fragrant. They have two types available. It has already bloomed for them. It's been cut where the stem was. I also bought a Hippeastrum striatifolium..... because it's rare! Lol..... Not sure how I missed taking a picture of that one. It's quite small but the white stripe down the center of the leaves is striking. Hopefully it will bloom....I don't exactly have the best track record with Hippeastrums and keeping them alive. :(

This order was exactly what I needed to pick up my spirits. There is so better feeling than walking in the house and seeing a package stamped 'live plants, do not delay'! Ahhhhhhhhhh.... Hehehehe. Now I just hope all is well with my monstera var. The temps are quite cool here. Grrrrrrrrr. Tomorrow high of 45 degrees. Oy! Kyle

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Kyle..Hey. Didn't see your thread until today.

First, I bought a Papaya, 'on Ebay.'
I also purchased a few Aglaonemas from Thailand...
Let's see..Gardinos.. One H. Finlaysonii, Rippled Leaf.
One H. Macgillivrayi and one Var. H. Macrophylla.

I have H. Finlaysonii, but not 'rippled leaf,' and a small H. macrophylla.
I normally don't buy duplicate plants, but after seeing the size of yours, I had to have them! lol

Hopefully, one day I'll add the fern. It's a little cc has to decrease some before buying more plants..

Plus I want a variegated Monstera, lol. Either yellow and green or white and green.

There's also a red Musa/Banana I'm considering, but really have to think about it.
And a palm, Bottle Palm. Have you ever seen one? It's amazing when mature....God..I want

LOL, you sound like me..My cart could have 50 items..then, I come to my senses, lol, and start I really NEED this one? How would that one do, indoors? lol..

Aside from tropicals, I love succulents..caudex/fat plants are mysterious and lovely.
E. Crown of Thorns are probably my favorite succulent. I have several w/different colored flowers, and a few with variegated leaves.
Pachypodiums are one of my favorite too. I have several varieties..One, P.'geayi' was purchased at HD late 90's early 2000. I also sowed Pachy seeds in 2004 or 2006. And got hold of P. 'lamerei' between 90's and 2004/6.
Last year, I found a nursery, 'Out of Africa' that specializes in Euphorbias and Pachypodiums. I purchased several different types..babies..4-6.00, although they sell larger specimens, too. Besides saving money, I prefer buying smaller plants that will grow with me. Except for a few plants like tree Hibiscus, standard Citrus and Gardenias, I prefer youngins'.
Your new fern is beautiful. I hope it's not a should research on Google. You don't want to lose that beauty. I hope it doesn't need as much humidity as some other ferns.
Thicker leaf ferns usually don't need as much reminds me of my Ming Fern, 'Asparagus retrofractus' 'not a true fern,' but leaves have a remarkable resemblance.

Apostile Iris leaves look like a combo between an Orchid and Iris.

I like Hippeastrum, but leaves take too much room. I had about six, gave them away..I'm sort of sorry. Flowers around Christmas are stunning. Who knows, if I come across a bulb, 'locally,' I might buy one. They're easy growers, Kyle, so you shouln't have any problems.
You know how to force blooms, right?

I'm glad you're feeling better. Winter is a depressing time of year..I feel the same way..When the mailman/UPS drops off a package that says live plants or fragile, my heart starts racing. lol. Plants are a pick-me-up, high.

Good luck, and please keep me posted..Toni

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

I read that Stephanotis floribunda has an awesome scent, please sniff extra for me when those buds open :o)

Lol Toni you got a papaya? Is it a dwarf? I really want one, too. Those dwarfs are so cute.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Congrats on all your beautiful plants! My favorites are the hoyas,lol...I have several of them myself. You will love the blooms on H. meliflua and imperialis... My H. kerrii is budding up for the very first time. I have the Macrophylla variegated too and its grown nicely but hasn't bloomed yet.
My Stephanotis floribunda just bloomed. Don't you just love Gardino's? I have bought several hoyas from them too and I love how healthy and well rooted their plants are. Good luck with them!

Hi Toni! Nice to see you...its so hard to not to get more plants especially in the Spring...Enjoy all your new plants!

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Kemistry, good question. I've written the seller twice..'Ebay' No dice.
I dont know if it's a dwarf, 'hopefully, it is.'
It's quite large for the price, but the top portion broke..don't know if it happened during shipping, and I pray it doesn't ruin the looks, 'if' it lives in IL.. :)

Hey Nancy.. Nancy has the most beautiful Hoyas around..

Nancy, how long have you had your Steph? What did you do to get it to bloom? Mine was bought as a cutting in 1989. I was going to toss it, 'it hadn't done a thing at least a year,' when instead I decided to repot and place in a sunnier spot. It was bought at a non-nursery store. I believe, Carol Wright, lol. After a years time, I forgot what it was, lol. After repotting and placing in more sun, it took off, but never hoo..So, what's your secret getting it to bloom?

Got three plants today..a cutting, green Monstera. Variegated Fatsia, and Aloe 'snowflake.' Toni

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Thanks Toni! NO secret...I've had my Stephanotis since Feb. 2009. I've left it outside now for two years even during the freeze. All I do is put it up against the wall of house and cover it with some old heavy drapes I had. It survived the freezes(lowest temps got to 24 degrees a couple of nights) but I do lose at least 1/2 the plant every winter. Somehow it never dies all the way and by late Spring it starts growing again. The pot is very heavy and I have SO many plants to protect during the several nights of freezing temps I couldn't bring everything this one was on its own with a little help of some heavy coverings. I'm very surprised that it didn't die to tell you the truth,lol...

I have it planted in a 12" Azalea Clay pot in an area that receives only about 2-3 hours of sun. I water it normally when its slightly dry and fertilize it at 1/2 strength once a week in the Spring and Summer...maybe the cold weather (shock) it receives in the winter forced it to bloom,lol...

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Nancy, it's beautiful..Bet the fragrance is strong?
Don't know if you were kidding about the cold, but it's possible the cold shocked your Steph into bloom. Seems it happens more often than not..'depening on the plant.'

The stems are so thick..I wish my plants could stay out year round, boo hoo.. lol...

Here's new plants that arrived today, and a couple older plants in bloom. :)

Monstera cutting

Variegated Fatsia

Aloe 'Snowflake'


Older plant.. Kalanchoe 'kewensis'

E. 'crown of thorns'

I'm sooo plants.. :) Toni

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Toni- Yipee! What a great week! I love the variegated fatsia. I had one and lost it over the winter. Hopefully I can find another at that nursery. They are beautiful. What monstera is that? It reminds me of philo. Xanadu. Lol. That!!!!! Congrats on that. Ive never had good luck with crown of thorns and I adore them so. Hmmmm o well. I sense this is the beginning of a lucrative year of plants for many o us!!!!!!!!!!! Hehehehe. Nice all around Toni! Kyle

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Beautiful plants! My favorites are the variegated Fatsia and the aloe "snowflake".

Speaking of Xanadu, I saw a neon Xanadu this past weekend.

Pug, beautiful Stephanotis!


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hi Toni, LOVE all your plants...Congrats! Especially love the blooms on the Kelanchoe 'kewensis' SO pretty!

You know since I grow my Stephanotis outside I can hardly smell the blooms? I'm not sure why I grow all my Gardenias outside and I can smell those very well. Maybe I have the "light" scented Stephanotis,lol...

Thanks Susan!

Here's the picture of the whole plant...took this morning. Has a few more blooms/buds.

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No one likes my new Papaya, boo hoo..j/k.
I know, it looks like a stick, lol.

Kyle, thanks. I hope it's not a Xanado. 3 or 4 summers ago, I got into succulents...ended up giving a friend 20-something Philos. One was a 15-yr-old Xanado. After giving them away, I felt bad. I really missed a couple variegated Split-leafs.

A seller on Ebay have a gold Xanado for was nice, but I passed it up..Golden foliage.

Kyle, you probably over-watered your Crown of Thorns. They're so pretty, especially Thai types..'large flowers.'
I only wish they were hardy enough to live outside year round.

Susan, thanks..What color is the Neon Xanado? Sounds pretty. Maybe I can find one on Google.

Pug, thanks. Your Steph is so nice and full. Have you ever tried untangling? Good luck. lol. I 'attempted' untangling its never-ending ended cutting a good amount off.

BTW, I bought a variegated Steph from Accents a while's in a 4" pot, but already putting out growth. I was debating whether or not to pot both Stephs together.
What do you think???
Wish warmer days come. Plants want to go out for summer. I probably won't take as many plants that normally go out, but a good amount will.

2 wks ago, it was in the 90's. Then last wkend, temps dropped, big time. Some nights were in the 40's..a couple nights 38F. 38 is too cold for some plants. 40's iffy, 50 is better.

Let's hope for spring, Toni

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hi Toni...SO sorry I meant to comment on your Papaya because you know I had a pretty large one till the freeze killed it. It is a pretty papaya! Looks like a nice thick trunk on it already too...hope you see some papayas soon.

In regards to untangling the you I have up also, its a pain in the nect untangling them, so all I do is try and wrap it around the trellis. The worst part was removing all the dead vines that froze...trying to untangle those was a nightmare,lol...

If you need the space you can certainly pot the variegated and regular Stephanotis together...I'm sure it will pretty neat with both on the same pot. I guess its a personal preference. If you're trying to save space I certainly would do it.

Ya, we don't have the fluctuating weather problems you guys are dealing with...we've been in the upper 80's to mid 90's now since end of March and it will continue till November,lol...NO end in sight for a long time!

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

I saw several blooming Stephanotis floribunda at my local nursery yesterday.. Could you guys tell me if the flowers are scented only at night? Last year I sniffed several flowers in the daytime but couldn't detect any scent.
Now I have an urge to go back and grab one tomorrow ;)

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Pug..thanks but you know what? The Papaya pic I posted isn't a Papaya..It's a Brighamia insignis. lol.

The Papaya's trunk is half the size of the Brighamia. I have to make corrections on my Flickr page. Duh! lol.

Thing is when I got around to dl'ing pics on Flickr, I was in a hurry..

Yes, I recall your Papaya freezing, and I'm terribly sorry the cold killed it. Yours was a true beauty.

Yep, it's a ball untangling vines, NOT! lol. Every so often a stray vines climb up and around a macrame or another plant A pain in the neck alright!

Your Steph is so pretty and full. Then again, all your plants are beautiful.

Our weather is up and down..Sat, it was cold. Sun, a bit warmer, but cooler at night..Mon, in the 90's. Today, high 80's/low 90's, but we're expecting severe T-storms.

Yesterday, I brought a few citrus outside..It was so windy, they kept falling over. With todays storms, I can only imagine. lol.

Kemistry..I've smelled Steph flowers during the day, (stores) but it's possible scent is stronger at night. Many flowering 'fragrant' plants emit more scent at night. Especially, J. 'Maid of Orlenas.'
Same with annuals. Moonflowers, Nictotiana, Petunias, and Datura...step out the door after dark, and the many scents will knock you out. lol. Toni

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