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kcook323May 13, 2014

My pothos is a slow grower. I have had this for about two years, and I might have one new leaf (or two, but when a new one comes in one usually turned yellow). Is there anything i can do to encourage growth? I did notice a new leaf forming in the last few days.

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Yes! First of all, watch the room temperature. I've noticed my pothos (pothoses?) will sulk if it goes below 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Next, make sure the dirt is of good quality. Miracle-Gro will do, but so will other high quality mixes. Then increase sun. Pothos love sun. Even though they can take lower light, sun increases their coloring and speeds their growth. I made macrame hangers and stuck all of mine in a window. They love it. Last, and finally, try feeding every other watering. Also, make sure they just barely dry out to the bottom of the pot during your watering cycle. That's how I get mine growing consistantly fast and strong.

Good luck,


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Thank you!

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