Indoor dwarf banana, wilted, browning/yellowing leaves...

wendync(7b)May 2, 2013

Hey guys, so I've had a dwarf banana for maybe 8 months. It has done really well over the winter in our sun room, put out new leaves, looked great. All the sudden this past week or so, it's started looking really sad, it's leaves are drooping, and the outside 1 inch of each leaf has turned yellow--leaving the inside part of the leaf green. I'd had to tear off several dead outer leaves because they've browned.

I'm not really sure what could have changed. It gets watered(not overwatered) probably once a week, nothing has changed for many months as far as care. It has been very rainy and chilly here lately, but it's in the sunroom and protected---it got much colder in there over the winter than it has been lately and it had no ill effects. I'll attach a picture---what can I do to help this poor thing?

I live near Charlotte, NC. Should I put it outside?

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auron22(6b OH)

When did you start using the AC, if at all (or opening windows)? I ask since the days are finally warm and it might not like cold drafts. I would also inspect those leaves for pests, although I don't think it looks like it would be. I know little about banana, but....was it dormant during the winter? Perhaps it doesn't like the spot when it woke up. Putting it outside during the day could help, if the climate permits it.

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

7b probally doesnt have frost now. going outside is a good idea

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It also appears to be in a small pot, maybe its time to pot it up..

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