Where Has Spring Gone?

azcactusflowerMarch 20, 2012

We had been having beautiful spring weather here, nice warm and sunny. Fruit trees were blooming, flowers sprouting and birds returning. Then yesterday and today spring sprang and winter closed in again. There is snow all around the mountains surrounding our little valley. We even had huge snowflakes fall in our little town for about 45 minutes, but it did not stick around,(thank goodness)and it is soooo cold again. Apparently it is suppose to get better in the next couple of days. I hope so, I NEED to get out and play in the garden and work on several projects I have in the making. How is everyone else fairing on the spring weather in your area? As my granddaughter said, "The weather is bipolar!"

Just had to vent my frustration. LOL

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Marlene Kindred

I think we here in Virginia just skipped on past Spring and went directly to early summer. And, yes, I agree that weather is bipolar! We have had 85 degree temps here and even had a couple of humid days. Ugh. Hate the humidity. The poor plants are so confused. We have things blooming that shouldn't bloom til May and somethings that usually are spring blooming were blooming in February. Hope your Spring returns soon and I hope it will cool down a bit here....the chickweed is taking over!

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We've had 12 days in a roll over 70 deg ...about half of them are record breakers up into 80 deg! Avg is supposed to be 45 - 48 deg! So everything is dog-gone BLOOMIN'! Water grass is growing, too! So I've been working outside gardening! Makes Winter just that much shorter, I guess! Who knows what happened to Spring! Hope it warms back up quickly & we're hoping for not real, real cold temps til next Winter! ;-) Jeanne S.

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Our weather in the Fl. panhandle is always fickle,
but is worse this year. What will summer heat be???
The worst part is the weed situation. Weeds that are usually not up yet,
are up and have seeds. I am NOT
ready for that and can't seem to keep up with the
pulling of them. One called 'bedstraw' is really
awful this year, and that one-for some reason- has
made my wrists break out. Not as bad as poison ivy,
but a rash. That has never happened before when I
pulled those.
I put on a plastic glove and a cut-off sock on my arm to help.
I pulled two 55 gal. bags of them per day on 3 different days.

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