Bird of Paradise repotting help.

pepibomMay 29, 2011

Hi there,

I've read that Bird of Paradise like a somewhat root-bound pot situation. I have three separate plants in a 11 inch pot(two plants are about 2 1/2 foot tall and the third is about a foot tall). When I water my plant water runs out of the bottom really quickly and quite a bit of it, I lifted the pot and found a long thickish root stretching out from the botton draining hole. Time for a repot? Should I reduce the number of plants in the pot? Sort of a beginner here and not sure where to go. The plant looks healthy, except for new leaves that split as they are unfurling(while I have your attention..any ideas about that?)...I've posted a link to a few pictures of the plant and that root. I would really appreciate any ideas. Thank you.

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Hi Pepi.
As for splitting's normal. If your Bird was outdoors in strong winds, leaves split naturally.
Other than appearance, you have nothing to worry about. They don't heal, but won't harm your Bird either.

'Should I reduce the number of plants in the pot?'

I prefer fuller plants, so tend to keep more than one (of the same type) potted together.
It's a matter of opinion, really.

After looking at your pictures, your Bird is doing great. A very healthy specimen. IMO, the three look compact.

Have you ever repotted?
It's hard to say whether or not you should repot. You can always unpot to check roots..If roots are smothering, you should either increase pot size or divide.
But I wouldn't repot in a huge container, especially if you'd like to see blooms.
If your goal is more foliage, than increase pot size.

It's said, Birds that have 7 leaves and slighly rootbound are more likely to flower. More than one author has made this statement.
Of course, proper care, such as fertilizer, sun, air, is necessary, too.

Sorry, I really didn't answer your question, but again, it's a matter of opinion.
One other thing. It's best to fertilize Birds with an All Purpose Fertilize one month, then alternate with a Flowering Fertilize..throughout growing seasons.

When my Birds were young, they mainly were fertilized with All that they're larger, they get alternate feedings. 'when I think of it, lol,' Toni

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