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notanatural(z6 NY)May 31, 2006

I have just been given a small fuschia as a gift- it was beatifully flowering when I got it and now it looks quite horrible and half dead.

Can anyone help me with some basic care info?

Here's all the info I can give:

It's in a small 3 or 4" clay pot, gets indirect/diffused light (not near a window because I read that it doesn't like too much direct sun).

I think I let it dry up too much one day and it never quite looked the same since then.

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Nota, Fuschia's are difficult plants to grow. Even though your plant is stressed, I would have potted in a plastic pot instead of clay. Clay absorbs moisture too much for a Fuschia.
Fuschia's are big drinkers..the time you allowed to let it dry may have been too much.
Can you place it outside in a shady spot near your house? This might perk it up..Toni

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notanatural(z6 NY)

It has to be indoors Toni, but I would call its location 'bright shade' right now- it gets no direct sun at all.

yeah, I read that they are difficult to grow- so you think it's dying and beyond repair or do you think there's hope?

I can totally repot it- and in fact, I think it needs a bit of repotting frankly- the claypot it's in, looks very stuffed. It's just barely been 3 weeks since I've had it so I didn't want to disturb it so soon.

Do you think a 6" plastic pot would be okay for it? It would probably be very slightly too big for it- but if it likes a lot of water, then that may be good.

Sadly, had to throw away our oldest plant- an ivy. It was the one that really inspired me to grow plants in the first place- it was just getting more and more sickly. Strangely, it was planted in a pot with my solanum jasminoides which has been thriving. So I know it wasn't bugs or anything- I think it was just years of abuse that it withstood (before I developed this green obsession).

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andy_e(SF Bay CA 9/14)

Fuchsia is not really a houseplant, which may be why they have a reputation for being difficult indoors. They actually do like a lot of light, they just don't like to be hot. Here in the SF Bay Area I have four fuchsias outdoors that get direct sun until noon and they do great, but our temperatures are relatively cool. On the few days it gets into the 90's I move them to all-day shade.

For your indoor plant I would put it close to an east-facing window or a few feet back from a south- or west-facing window. It doesn't like to be dry but that doesn't mean it likes a swamp either. Just watch the soil and water when it seems close to drying out. Moving to a plastic pot would help.

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shic_2006(4a 5a)

I disagree. I have this Fuchsia indoors for quite a while. It continuous produces large quantity of little fairy flowers. My evening temperature is 89-92 F at 9 pm. It does not threat the life of the plant at all. It does harm new flower buds though. I posted some pictures here. I think these are quite tough plants. Of course, keeping plants is not something for everyone in general. For example, my mother is really careless. She sometimes forgets to water them for a whole month ...

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andy_e(SF Bay CA 9/14)

I didn't say that heat would kill it, just that they don't like heat AND direct sun. They won't flower much, if at all, in that situation. If your specific plant is different that's great, but it doesn't mean every fuchsia behaves that way.

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shic_2006(4a 5a)

You probably do not know these are widely used as indoors and/or hanging-basket plants in the east coast states.

I would agree that some species and/or cultivars are difficult to keep alive. But if you buy these cheaply from local venders, you should not have a problem. I bought mine from a local Wal Mart. All plants except for some succulents have problem if you forget to water them for a month during their growing season.

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notanatural(z6 NY)

Well mine's been dry for no longer than one extra day and it looks just about alive- very wilted.

I am going to repot this weekend and hang it over a window- if that doesn't help, I think nothing will!

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andy_e(SF Bay CA 9/14)


Again, you did not read my post correctly. I didn't say they will die indoors or are hard to keep alive. Just that indoors is not an ideal environment for flowering unless you can provide them with appropriate light levels. Since flowering is what people buy them for, that's what I'm more concerned about. Certainly there will be exceptions - certain varieties may flower in dim, indoor light - but since most fuchsias sold in big box stores are unnamed, mass-produced hybrids, it's hard to be more specific.

I'm glad to hear that you've had better success with your plant and for that I salute you. Please post pictures so we can share in your enjoyment.

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shic_2006(4a 5a)

I have already posted the pictures. You must have not read it. Check my post earlier in this thread.

There is strong light indoors - near the windows. My plant has no problem blooming. Please click the link and check my pictures.

What fuchsia are you having right now?

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notanatural(z6 NY)

Just an update- I didn't end up repotting. Before doing so, I thought I'd put it by the window and see what happens. And it's totally come back to life now and I believe it's starting to produce buds.

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Nota, is your fuschia the haning or erect type? I do like both, but would like to try the fuschia topiary. One day. Toni

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notanatural(z6 NY)

Toni, it's the erect type. It's small- in a 3" pot. I'll take a picture of it soon- let it get a bit prettier.

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I'm trying to find a mature blooming pink-and-white fuschia hanging basket to buy. Have called every garden center and greenhouse within 50 miles, nobody has any left. Saw one on a lady's front porch but it was a Mother's Day gift and she wouldn't sell it.

My neighbors had one, almost dead from being left out in 90+ heat wave in full sun without regular water or wind protection. My goats got out and gave it a hard pruning in a compassionate attempt to help it or put it out of its misery I'm sure, but the neighbor didn't appreciate their gesture and tossed off a few of his own. In the interest of community harmony I'd like to replace his plant with a very good healthy one. Does anybody have a thought of where I might find one to buy at this time of year? If so, please send a copy of your forum reply directly to me at dgreen@associatedbrands.com

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Quiet, Fuschia's are usually sold in spring/summer..There are smaller plants on sale online, but they come in 4" pots.. www.accentsforhomeandgarden.com sells them, but don't know what color flowers are left..
You can always check Ebay, too..someone might have one for sale..Also, walk up and down your neighborhood..MOst ppl toss their summer plants in the trash..ask if they're interested in selling..who knows, they might agree since they'll be tossed anyway..
Gee, all your goats were doing was trying to help your neibhor out..LOL..and like you said, putting the poor shade loving plant out of its misery..Hope they enjoyed the fine dining..Toni

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I was given a beautiful Fuchsia hanging basket for Mother's Day.
It is going to get 52 degrees F. tonight.
What is the temperature tolerance for Fuchsia's. Should I take it inside the garage for tonight?

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watergal(z6/7 Westminster, MD)

gardenia6, they like it better cool than hot, it will be fine. I wouldn't worry until somewhere around 45 degrees.

Here in MD, they are common Mother's Day hanging baskets. They are often hard to locate to buy after that. They rarely do well once the summer gets hot and humid. I don't know anyone growing them as houseplants - I wouldn't say it's common- but I suppose it could be done if the conditions were right. Cool temps are best (under about 75 degrees F), and never let it dry out completely.

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my plants have a fungus--how do I get rid of it?

Neem II will control the fungus but will not cure completely

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Prophylactic treatments & being careful about cultural conditions are the best way to keep fungal infections at bay, but you can move your plants outdoors & treat according to directions with the systemic fungicide Tebuconazole for most leaf spot diseases and fungal infections. Look for 'Bayer Advanced Disease Control for Roses, Flowers, and Shrubs'.


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I have great difficulty keeping these alive.

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