Mother Nature surprised us again!!

Lamora(4)May 30, 2013

Hi, don't know if you remember that Thanksgiving Cactus that my DH refused to throw away or not, kept it alive in a jar all this time, trying to root it, Me? I would have tossed it a long time ago~~

but look at what it did!! it has a few more blossems on it too!! I NEVER would have guess this would happen!!

I love Mother Nature!!

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Marjie, amazing. Is it Thanksgiving already?? :)

The flower is so pretty. Bet you're glad your dh kept it.

The root inside the jar looks gigantic! Is it my eyes are is that one huge root?

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

That is amazing. I would plant it soon

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

That's pretty cool! A very pretty flower. Awesomely inspiring to see such a large section take root. If it did that in water, I'm sure it would be possible in a pot also. Is DH unbearably smug about it? LOL! Why would you want to toss it? I would have wanted to propagate it, but would have made way too many plants out of it, a whole pot ghetto of them.

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Here she is NOW!! purttier!! lol

The reason I didn't take anything from it and start up more, is because at the time, I wasn't even getting my little starters growing, seemed to take forever. And it is my DH's and yes, he is very smug about it!! I guess I am lucky that he is on the road and I can't hear it-- lol.. But he will probibly want to soil it when it is done blooming. It has at least 4 more buds on it.

and purple-- this is a better shot of the "root" it is just now starting to root with little hair like roots, it was just a "stump" for lack of a better work

Am I glad he didn't toss it? maybe, the plant as a whole still looks sad, maybe soiling will help that...

Marjie~~ still amazed with it!

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