Speaking of 'Easiest Begonias' again

woebegoniaMay 4, 2011

THis is the time of year you can buy marked down Elatior Rieger begonias, blooomed out, for only a few dollars. You can take them home, give them a bit of sun and care, and they will rebloom easily and last all summer too. I think basically they are considered winter growers which is why they are marked down in early spring. YOu can hold them over winter too if you have good light. I found the names of two other begonia suppliers which were not mentioned on that other thread - has anyone tried Avant Gardens or Victoria's Sign of the Dove, the first has tuberous crosses listed (not tuberhybrida) and the latter some pics of gorgeous wellgrown canes. Her site is listed as 2009 I willhave to find out if it is still available.

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The canes are my favorite begonias. Of those Sophie Cecile is the absolute easiest.


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Yes, one of the most popular, easily recognized begonias in the world. The hybridizer said once she was told a friend had seen it even growing in a hotel lobby in Brazil!

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Woebegonia..Guess you like Begonias of all types..hence, your screen name.. :)

I thought Rieger's died back around autumn??? Rieger flowers are beautiful..big and beautiful.
They're available at most garden centers, but not reduced. Does cost depend on where one lives?

I've shopped at both nurseries, Avant and Victorias. Don't recall seeing Begonias, but it's been a while since I've been to either sites. Think Victorias sells on Ebay, too.

So you're saying Riegers can live year round?

Do you grow them in pots or in-ground? Thanks, Toni

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odyssey3(7 noVA)

The problem with Sophie Cecile is she is a stingy bloomer. Lana is nicer IMHO and a nice bloomer.
I have a "My Special Angel" that has put up with a lot of abuse and doesn't give up the ghost.

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I recently bought "My Special Angel" from Pepper's Greenhouse. It is a very beautiful cane begonia. Merrifield Gardens in Merrifield, VA usually has very large begonias for sale and at last visit had about a 3 or 4 foot "My Special Angel"-just gorgeous with a "nice size price" :)) as well.


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