Sticky String Beans

nattydoll(7)August 8, 2014

My first crop of bush beans were harvested last week - they were more than ready, but the seed packet said 52 days, 5-6" yet also stated "early harvest". I think they were 45 days old, an inch short, but very plump.

Anyway, they were rough and oddly sticky on the outsides. When I cooked them, this went away. I thought it was bc I left them too long. This week, the same plants produced more full-size beans - nice and fast! Still sticky..

Is that normal? Is it ok? Are they safe to eat raw? It isn't visible, but feels like sap or maple syrup or glue that is not quite dry.

The beans taste great, though!

And my "first crop" was 9 beans from two plants! haha! I had no idea how much they would yield, so I only planted two at first, then a few more in succession. It seems the later I planted them, the faster they produced. Ones I planted a month ago had a full size pod today. Just *one* pod, though. ha!

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By sticky, do you mean fuzzy, like velcro? That's normal.

What they say on seed packets is an approximation, and usually an optimistic one. Best guide is the look of the vegetable, and especially the feel of it. I pick largely by touch. A green been that's ripe has a firm, full feeling to it.

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alisande(Zone 4b)

If you haven't already noticed, green bean leaves will stick to your clothing. Or, if you're out picking on a hot day and start to sweat, they'll stick to your skin. This can be especially enchanting if you're surrounded by pole beans. :-)

While waiting for my pole beans to bear this week, I bought some "locally grown" green beans at the supermarket yesterday. They were perfectly smooth--almost shiny. They were perfect in every other way, too, except for . . .

Here is a link that might be useful: Those

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sunnibel7 Md 7(7)

I think the grocery store ones get smooth and shiny because they get so much handling. Just like store cucumbers have the spines knocked off them.

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