Growing baby corn

allenwrenchAugust 2, 2008

This is my first year with growing veggies and I'm late with trying to plant some corn. In Z6 can I plant some corn and get baby corn out of it before early October frost?

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yes. but remember you will only get one or two ears per plant
which is a waste unless you have good deal of space.

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How big does the corn plant have to get to make baby corn?

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flowersnhens(Maine 4)

Hi there, This is also my first year growing baby corn. I have read in many places that the stocks will reach around 4 feet and that once the stalk starts showing tassles, you should pick the corn within 5 days. I have 5 and 6 foot stalks that are tassling,,but it seems that there are is no corn growing on the stalks. Not sure why,,but I probably won't grow it next year, due to the fact that it DOES take up space and it isn't a real beneficial type of veggie. I have a 5 x 4 foot square of it growing. I guess I just did it for fun mainly, to see if it would grow. Next year I will grow more butternut squash, potatoes, tomatoes, zuccini, and brocolli, and herbs.

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If you really want to grow "baby" corn, you may want to check out the small cultivars which shoot multiple ears. As noted regular sweet corn is very inefficient for this this purpose. It is picked just after silking and before pollination. While most of it is imported from Asia, these cultivars are promted for the purpose in the USA: Little Indian (Peters), Baby (Nichols), Golden Midget (aka Golden Miniature, Shumway or Park), Glacier (Fishers), Miniature Hybrid (Park), Baby Asian (Le Marche), Baby Blue, Bo Peep (Shepherd's), Strawberry Popcorn (Shepherd's).
Commercially, the cultivars grown in Asia include Tainan #5, Tainan #11, and Tainung #361

Here is a link that might be useful: Baby Corn

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flowersnhens(Maine 4)

HI, This is Chires baby corn that I got from an organic seed supply company. Maybe it is regular corn, and they are liars !!. Who knows??? How long after tassles will the corn start to develop on the stock?? Should they already be developing ears of corn by now??? It has been so long since I grew corn that I have forgotten.

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It is variable, I don't pay much attention but a week or so after tassels emerge.
The Chires is a popcorn with multiple stalks and hence multiple ears . Seems like a good choice for baby corn.
From Southern Exposure: "(75 days) The fancy corn seen in Asian restaurants! Plants usually have 3-5 stalks, with 8-12 ears per stalk. Ears are 2-3" long; harvest soon after silks emerge (within 5 days) to stimulate more ears forming. Planting: same spacing as other corn. Easy to grow, as corn earworms donÂt have time to do damage, and corn smut is rarely a problem. If dried on the plants, ears can be used for popcorn."

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Thanks for ALL the help!


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