I need a contractor.

mjowest(5)March 15, 2011

anyone else getting this Annoying POP up everytime you pull up a new page?

Angie's got the list... lol

remember the honey bunches of oats pop up? that was when I first started, and I thought- what did I get myself into?

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mjowest, I wondered what you were talking about..then I clicked on another post and... up popped the devil. I had just been closing it everytime and not reading it. LOL

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I found those ads when I turned on the PC today--
I really hate them popping up like that. I do like Marylee and just keep my curser in place and don't even wait for them to open-definitely don't read them!!!!

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I'm getting them also. Sure slows things down, I never buy on line or on telephone. If I want something I order it. I figure this kind of stuff is spam. Well, there is 1 at top now & 2 on right side! All for desert flower whatever that is, oh a movie, can't go to those as too cool inside & people talk all through them out here & couple of other reasons. Jan

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I had a bad experience with Angie's list so I wouldn't use it anyway. Now that they have such annoying pop up ads I wouldn't for sure. Some of my favorite magazine sites have annoying pop ups like that. Needless to say, I don't go them very often any more.

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I noticed it too this morning...I was wondering where it came from. I will not be using/buying anything from pop ups, I hate them!!!


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Guess my AOL pop-up blocker is working good. Whew.
I hate those things!

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