Black spots on aloe vera??

eileen_plantsMay 19, 2007

I bought an aloe vera about a month ago, and since then,although it has put out new growth, some of the existing leaves have developed black patches that are dry, with no liquid inside. Am I overwatering? Or is this some disease? Any help much appreciated.


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I really don't know. As you are not getting any anwers here, I'd suggest you post in the cacti and succulent forum. I'm sure someone out there will know what is the matter with your Aloe.If you have any photos it will help. Good luck.

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It's hard to say without seeing it, but if the plant is inside, and you've only had it for a month, it should not have needed much water. Take it out of the pot, and see if the soil is wet. If so, gently remove what soil you can, and leave it dry out (not in direct sun) for a few days. Then repot in a container just slightly larger than the root mass, using a Cactus soil mixed with perlite. Do not water for another week, and then only lightly at first.
Good growing!

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