Proper care for Ivy

scsva(7/VA)May 10, 2011

I have never done well with ivy but nevertheless bought 3 little 4 inch pots of different varieties of Hedera Helix (sp). I assume misting the plant would be a good thing and keep it from drying out. But you see dead or dying ivies in the stores everywhere and you know most big box stores are famous for overwatering.

Are there ivy fans out there in plant land?



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Susan, I am an Ivy fan..

Yep, most stores either over or under-water.

Daily misting, and weekly showering 'leaves' perk up, and help with humidity.

Truthfully, Ivy isn't the easiest plant to grow, but with a little effort, they'll thrive for years.

In winter, soil needs to dry out between waterings. When soil is kept wet, Spider Mites and Fungus Gnats attack.

Hedera's prefer a cool room. Never place near a heating source.
An example of Hedera. I'm in zone 5. Hedera Helix is hardy here. This explains their need for cool rooms.

They thrive in bright-indirect light. An east window is perfect, or 5-10 feet from a harsh west.

If you have the option of summering Ivy outdoors, they'll love it.

Whether in or outside, they need weekly inspecting. Spider Mites love Ivy.
This is one reason I suggest, once a week showering. While workiing on them, you can check foliage for webbs or other pests.

Did you get green or variegated types? Toni

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I got Silver Bells, Design, and mini Adam. Silver Bells have some light variegation-mostly green, same with Design, and mini Adam is a real variegation. Keep in mind that these are EA plants so the names may be in question. However I was able to google the mini Adam but haven't tried the rest. Lowe's had a large basket of Silver Bells and it is a lovely ivy but I didn't want to start out with the large basket for fear it would go downhill quickly, cost was $14.99.


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Thanks for the ivy tips Toni! I, too, am an ivy killer... I love it, but it dies every time :(

Last time I had some go outside, it came back in with ants & their scale pets - yuck!

Maybe I'll try again, with some vari Bird's Foot from the yard (AFTER thorough inspection!) I really love the kind(s) that turn color in the fall, too.

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I'm glad I'm not the only ivy murderer! Kyle

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Hmm I've killed lots of ivy but have had luck this last year growing them in semi hydroponics (basically growing them in fired clay balls with a water reservoir instead of soil). It works like a charm for most people; just a little messy to wash off all the soil. If you're interested it's easy once you have it set up. A google seach for semi hydroponics (or s/h) and orchids will help you get started. The information equally applies to house plants generally as it does orchids. I'd love to post the web address for an informational website to help you but the forum gods would punish me lol.

Good luck!


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Susan, it's better you started w/smaller, less expensive plants..Especially since Ivy can be a challenge.
I haven't Googled your Ivy's yet, but they sound pretty.

Two of my favorites are Canary and green or Variegated Algerian Ivy. They're sooo very beautiful. Both have large leaves. Haven't seen either for sale in years.

If you're skeptical about the names, do a Google. Just type in, ex. ivy, silver bells, picture

You said, basket of Silver Bells..Is it literally a basket, weaved, etc, or in a hanging pot?
Any plant I ever bought in a weaved basket, was taken out, ASAP. Plants in baskets are attractive but 'can' eventually invite insects.

GB...are you talking about Boston Ivy? It's green in spring/early summer, then reddens, late summer/autumn?
It clings on brick, 'houses/garages?'

Ryan, you can name a nursery or store as long as you don't own or are affilated. Just write the name, without the www and com/org.
I've never heard of semi hydro, but am interested. Toni

PS. Susan, forgot to ask. Do you have pictures to share?

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It was in a hanging pot. I was just at Lowe's at lunch time to see if any treasures came in-NOT!

However, have you all seen the tall shefflera trees that are just gorgeous-so full!!! There I go getting off on still another plant.

The pot of Silver Bells was still hanging there and it is full and gorgeous also. Must like Lowe's atmosphere. I do notice that the ivies do not sell well and are there usually dying.


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I bought a hanging basket at home depot with Ivy (I'm not sure what kind) and a spider plant. Both seem to be doing well outside. A few hot days turns some ivy leaves brown around the edges but its bouncing back. I keep it out of direct sun under a balcony. I took a few cuttings but they haven't rooted yet. All the other cuttings(spider plant, wandering jew, sweet potato vine) have rooted but not the ivy. Is their something I can do to help it root or does it just take longer than the other plants? Its only been about 3 weeks rooting them in soil.

Here is a link that might be useful: Spider and Ivy plants

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Moosetrackz..doing well is an understatement. That is drop dead gorgeous!!!! You do grow!


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