Buttercup squash

LoveLilacs10(3)August 6, 2014

Hello, I have a buttercup squash that's still on the vine, it's been looking the same for the past two weeks, while I see another buttercup squash set and getting bigger.

What should I do? Should I just leave this one there? Or should I cut it off so there's more nutrition for other squash to set? How long does it usually take for it to go into full size? I live in zone 3 so Frost is probably coming end of september or beginning of october...


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I would cut it off if you think its malformed or won't reach maturity melons are that way the vine can only support so many

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thanks for your reply, how long does it usually take for a squash to mature to full size though?

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If it hasn't grown in two weeks, it never will. Cut it off or leave it there, it makes no difference. Maturing to full size versus maturing to ripeness are two different things. To ripen... maybe 6 weeks... at least. Buttercup is a C. Maxima hard-shelled winter squash. Best quality comes from leaving it on the vine as long as there is life in the vine, and maybe longer. And then storing the harvested squashes indoors for 2 months. But if you want to eat sooner, you should at least wait until the shell hardens to the point where your thumb nail won't break thru the rind, being too leathery-hard and tough. Some fruits may not ever get to that point and will last the least amount of time in storage, so eat those first. They aren't full ripe but can make pretty good eatin' anyway.

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