growing moonflower indoors

teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)May 16, 2012

does anybody know how to grow moonflower or morning glory indoors indoors as a houseplant

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I really dont think it can be done unless you have ALOT of direct sun, they are mainly meant for outdoors. I have never had any luck growing them indoors. I cant wait to see if others have had any luck !!!

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I have a plant book that say Morning Glory can be used as house plants, but it's best to buy them young or to start from seeds and put them on a very sunny window sil. It also says to feed it alot when it's established.

It also says you can use: snapdragon, marigold, cornflower, morning glory, dwarf morning glory, candytuft, sweet pea, flax, lobelia, stock, livingstone daisy, forget-me-not, nemesia, tobacco plant, petunia, annual phlox, salvia, african marigold, french marigold, nasturium, verbena, pansy, viola, and Zinnia.

But these are all used as 'short-term' house plants. So I guess it wont hurt to try. I didn't see anything about moonflowers. I don't have experience with using any of these as I like long term plants inside.

Good Luck

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

"Short term" as in a few days. Any flowering plant that requires full sun conditions outside cannot thrive indoors, even in the sunniest of windows.

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