Question About my Orange Star

FonceMay 19, 2012

Hi all,

So I have recently started growing an Orange Star Plant. I am very new to gardening, so i decided to try out a house plant, and enjoy a simple plant that i can cultivate over time. I however have a few questions i was hoping to receive some help with.

Over the course of the first few weeks, i researched all i could about this plant. The general idea is constantly even moist soil, higher humidity, mist occasionally, cut dead leaves etc etc.

But i have noticed that after 3-4 weeks, that the bloom on the plant is different. Now i am unsure because there are three sections of this plant. I immediately re-potted the plant the moment i got it, and put rich soil in, raising it on top of a bed of pebbles to avoid water sitting at the base of the soil.

Certain areas are still blooming, while other parts of the flower appear to be at the end of the bloom. Now i know the leaves will die off, and i am supposed to cut them off. However, the small stem that the leaves are attached to, seem to be dwindling themselves in certain areas. The base stem of the plant is very green and appears to be healthy. While the mid section appears to not be doing so hot. the further up the stem you go, it appears healthy again. This is why i am at a loss. Perhaps if anyone else could give me advice, or if they know that this is the cycle the plant takes.

Thanks again,


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Guzmanias require a very well-drained mix, rather than a 'rich' one. By that, I assume you mean dark and peaty? If so, do NOT keep the soil constantly moist or you could rot the plant.

When watering Guzmania, just gently pour some water into the center of the plant, filling up all of the little nooks and crannies that the leaves make. It should probably be rain water or from a non-fluoridated source. Bromiliads such as this absorb their water and nutrient needs through specialized cells in that central vase, rather than their roots. They are, after all, epiphytes in their natural state.

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I am confused by your description. Can you post a good photo that shows the entire plant, including its pot?


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I think he's talking about Ornithogalum dubium, I've been seeing them everywhere for sale the past couple of months, they're really pretty.

I don't have I can't help, sorry.


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

By Jove, I think you must be right, flowerpot! They are often sold all over the place around Mother's Day.

Maybe Brad will get back to us with an image or two.

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Hey all,

Thanks for replying to my post, and sorry for my delay in replying, Here is a link to what my plant looks like. The pot size is about 5 inches in diameter and is about 6 inches deep. just slightly bigger than the pot i received it in when i bought the plant.

Unfortunately, my plant is not doing so well, and I am a little shy about taking a picture of it in its current state......:( I am not sure what to do. I have tried all types of rememdies, simple ones because i know time is a major factor in any kind of plant care, so not waiting for results is just as bad as being impatient.

Any help anyone could give me would be much appreciated.

Thank you

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Oh, and i forgot to add, my flower is the orange one on the right side of the link :) To add also i have noticed that now even the small buds where the flower has bloomed is dying off as well. The base is still VERY green, and the tops of the flower is still blooming. It appears the middle section is merely dwindling away.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Fonce....if you look through this forum, you will find thousands and thousands of pictures of sickly plants. Those pictures are what get a problem identified! Heck, it wouldn't be any fun at all if everyone only posted their happiest plants!

So, tell us about your potting medium and your general maintenance routine....and post some pictures of 'the victim'. We really want to help.

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Well My apologies, I am a noob at gardening, basic or whatnot, so forgive me when i ask if you can clarify my potting medium. If i can guess right, then i think you are talking about the soil? If so, then From the day i brought the plant home, i re-potted it a day after in this pot you see in the pic with Miracle grow soil, along with some of the soil that it came with in the pot. As i stated earlier, the pot it is in now is about 20% bigger than the pot it came in. Also I read that it is wise to place pebbles at the base of the pot, to allow excess water to drain, so the soil won't sit in water. So i added a thin layer of pebbles to account for this.

Otherwise from what i read, I have been watering the plant daily, keeping the soil 'moist'. This to me is so very vague, so i have watered about 1/4 to a 1/2 a cup a day, maybe a little more, trying my very best to now overwater it. In the pic you see here, i felt that i may have been overwatering it, and so i cut back.... apparently not the case. As i read online, i get the water from the tap, and allow it to sit for a day, to deal with the lime that may be present (again, i am unaware of exactly what this means, so if anyone can clarify)

Otherwise, for the first 2-3 weeks everything was dandy. The plant was growing, the blooms were great looking, and i had one healthy plant. But shortly after, the edges of the plants at the base began to brown a bit, and the midrange of my flowers began dying. So i removed the dead foilage from the plant, and discarded them as so.

As far as sunlight, the plant gets a good 8 hours of sun a day. My room faces the western sun, and so around noon or so, i open the curtains, and put the plant on my desk next to the window. Not until about 5 or 6 PM, does the plant get any DIRECT sunlight, and it seems to only occur off and on. Who knows, but the way the plant is positioned, and the way the sun faces the room, at times it is indirectly, and directly shining on the plant.

Attached are links to my plant that i took, hopefully the quality is good enough.

O, and in one of the pics, you will see a plant that has a stem removed. Don't know why but this is how the plant came....

Thanks for the help, my only hope is that even with all the damage done, that this plant won't die.... i would hate to have obliterated my first plant!

O and PS, the room these pictures are taken in is merely for lighting purposes to take pictures.... i don't keep my plant in the bathroom :)

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Sorry, in my statement i mentioned i water it about 1/4 to 1/2 a cup, maybe a little more, trying my very best to NOT overwater it... not "now overwater it"

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Bump. Anyone by chance know what it is I may be doing wrong?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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