New Potatorum Agave yellowing

Jay20pine2011May 12, 2014

I just bought a Potatorum Agave online and had it shipped bare root. I planted it and it seems to be yellowing at the bottom leaves and slowly dying from the bottom up. I did water it liberaly when I first transferred it into soil. Now there seems to be little some yellowing on the bottom with little fruit flies. The top seems to be good. Is this just a transplant shock or something worse? What should I do to help revive this ? All the help would be greatly appreciated!

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I don't mean to bump your post down, but you could try posting in the Cactus & Succulents forum if you don't receive any responses by the end of the week.

It's possible that the "fruit flies" you are seeing are fungus gnats. They enjoy moist soil and they're usually a sign of improper soil. Yours does look like it could be better draining. What type of soil are you using?


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As Beth said, your Agave potatorum needs more porous soil, and when you transplant it you should wait several days before you water it.

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I think I may be watering it too much. I used Miracle Gro Cactus, Palm and Citrus Potting Mix. Do you think I should mix in some pumice to help draining ?

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I use the same MG potting mix for my C&S, but I amend mine with rinsed perlite. I believe pumice is the better choice versus perlite.

MG C&S mix unamended is crap to be honest. I've never seen so little perlite in a supposed mix designed for C&S. So yes, you should amend yours with either perlite or pumice.

And as Jeff stated above, next time you repot, allow several days before watering. It may lose a leaf or two making up for the lack of moisture, but it'll make new ones. You don't want to water damaged roots, it can introduce infection or rot.

As to overwatering, that can be best avoided with the proper potting mix. How often have you been watering? It depends on how fast your mix dries out (which not only is affected by the mix itself, but how warm it is, what kind of light it's receiving, clay or plastic pot, etc.). The larger the pot, generally the less watering required. Also, the time of year can increase or decrease your watering.


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