Pachira emergency rooting

HelloPandaNF(Zone Five)May 31, 2012

I moved this post from another forum, so I hope this isn't breaking any forum policies or something...

My pachira has rotted at the trunk, and I am trying to salvage the (slightly yellowing) top. The stem has a slightly yellow colouring near the tip, and it only has one new leaf, which is now dying, I think.

Can I root the trunk that has not rotted? Or should I try with the green part with some leaf scars?

Thank you,


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Try the green part.
I would normally suggest trying to root the leaf, too, but if it's dying then it won't work.


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HelloPandaNF(Zone Five)

Ok, thanks!

Right when I bought it, I actually did try a leaf. It had white things on the end which I now assume were roots, but I threw it out mistaking it for some fungus or disease!

I'll keep the trunk, maybe it'll root, too.


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