Peace Lily outdoors?

elaineal(z8AL)May 26, 2013

I live in S. Alabama and was wondering if Peace Lily will grow outside? The pot is getting so full they need to go somewhere. But I don't need eight pots of them.

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Elaine, I live in S Alabama also and have had peace plants under my carport where they are in shade only. However, I found that our southerly wind can dry them out so quickly that they needed watering twice a day - not to mention being blown over! At present I have 6 pots (3 different kinds) all growing inside, with 1 pot ready to be divided. I think that growing them outside in our zone can be done but requires more attention.

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They can't handle freezing temperatures (if it freezes where you are) or direct sun (they'll burn). I don't know what miniumum temperature they can withstand though.


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

You could divide the excess, repot your plant in it's same pot, give the extras to family/friends/neighbors/co-workers. If nobody wants them, put them in the ground near the foundation and experiment if that sounds like fun.

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I've seen them grown out in the garden in the sun, probably excess plants they didn't really know what to do with. They tend to look a bit shabby and the flowers (spathes) look a bit shabby as well. That was probably in a zone 10 garden.

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IDK about peace lilies, but my parents have this lily that looks identical to a peace lily, identical white flowers, same leaves, has rhizome, only its 8 feet tall and 10 feet wide and we can't kill the damn thing! It sprouted up years ago as an unwanted weed, we've tried poisoning it, chopping it down to its roots, even dug up the entire plant and half its roots, came back as a sprout a week later. Deers hate it, gophers wont touch it, even the damn dog is scared of it. Of course I live in Northern California so im sure its a bit different over there in Southern Alabama. Hehe.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Don't see why you couldn't grow them over summer ?? When winter comes you could bring them indoors or replace them next spring. They have survived for me into the upper 20's but for short periods and no ground freezing. gary

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Fifty=fifty five If it gets colder than that and you cant REALLLLLLY cover that lily then I'd say no. If that's not the case then as long as it's in shade and it's watering needs are met, go for it.
I live in northwestern Georgia and mine stay outside until it hits fifty-five. Seems to be the magic number.

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ThatAdeniumGuy ,

Please tell me that you can provide a pic of the monster that no one could kill in spite of all efforts.

The thought of an eight foot indestructible PL makes my head spin(and I like that feeling LOL).

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

I have grown them outdoors but they need constant watering and protection from all bright sun. A concept people often fail to do when these plants are outside

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