Citrus oil is safe for plants,right?

asleep_in_the_gardenMay 1, 2014

...Because if it is,then it sounds like a great ingredient for a homemade spray to use on insect pests.

From what I understand,if the oil gets on a bug,it effectively melts their exoskeleton.

What I've dug up on the net so far indicates that it's safe for plants,but I figured I'd see if anyone here knows anything about it.

By the sound of it,it could be a fast and effective end to some of the worst infestations.

I sprayed a place that was infested with fleas so bad that my white socks turned black the moment I'd stepped in. When I came back there were NO fleas at all. NONE

That was years ago,and it blows my mind that I hadn't thought of this before now.

Of course it was a storebought cleanser that I'd used on the fleas,and I'd never use something like that on a plant,but the oil was specifically what killed the fleas,so I don't see why a homemade concoction with water,oil,and a little soap to let it mix evenly,wouldn't do the trick.

Input would be awesome!
Thanks! :)

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

New concoctions should always be given a 24 hour leaf test.

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Sound advice,Rhizo.

As many infestations as there are out there,in addition to how many plant-people really don't care to buy all kinds of poisonous stuff,I'd like to think someone has tried this before.

But yes,..The leaf test is definitely a good idea.

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