hanging baskets need to repot

bradarmiMay 24, 2011

Hello gang. Quick question - I have several hoyas and epis that were purchased from HD (Exotic Angel). They are great hanging baskets, but look a little worn out and it just dawned on me that they are now going on 3 years in the original container and the potting mix is most likely exhausted. Do you think I can use the same container and replace the soil? I dont want them to get much bigger - should I also cut back stems since I might have to trim roots. The epis aren't terrible, but any ideas on the hoyas - the leaves and stems are so tightly packed in there, I am not really sure if I can get my fingers in between to replenish the soil. Most of my houseplants just get placed into bigger and bigger pots, but I kinda like the style and size of the pots these plants are in. What do you guys do? Suggestions appreciated.

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Personally, I would repot them in a larger pots to give them more "breathing room" (among other positive factors that can come with repotting) not to mention I'm not sure that by keeping them in the same pots, you will be able to replenish the soil as well as you would by putting them in new pots. I'm not sure about trimming back the stems, I've never owned a hoya or an epi (although I drool at the sight of both in bloom) so I can't really provide any advice on that regard.

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