my majestic palm is getting yellow leaves?

gburgcountrygirlMay 13, 2009

I have had htis palm in my house for months now. Never had an issue with it till recently. The leaves (sorry I forget what they are called) all of the sudden started turning brown and then yellow?

I searched online and some people said I was over watering and some said I wasn't watering enough? When I put my finger down into the soil it feels dry, but it seems like everytime I water it...more leaves turn yellow? I have a few new stems growing, but almost all the exsisting ones are yellow? Should I cut them off?

HELP ME?????????

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Low humidity might be doing this, as well as stuff in your tap water.

HOW are you watering it when you water? Do you water it until water flows freely out of the drain holes on the bottom of the plant's pot? You need to to full soak the soil and leach out whatever salt/mineral/chemicals from the water are accumulating in it.

Also how much light does it get?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

This is another plant that makes a very poor houseplant. Majesty palms decline very quickly inside the typical home.

It might be best to do some quick research BEFORE you purchase your houseplants. We all want successful experiences, right?

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I water it about every third day and pretty much soak it. I think you are right that maybe it wasn't getting enough light. I bought it at walmart and they were indoors with just floursent lights, so I thought that would be ok. I moved it out into my mud room where it will get more light. I just didn't know why it did so well indoors for several months then took a dive!

RHIZO.....I have been planting since I was 2 years old. Yes this was a new plant for me, but don't be so rude about how I should have researched this. I buy alot of things and just do trial and error. If it doesn't grow inside I move it outside.

amccour ...Thanks for the help dear

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I wasn't being rude at all, and am so sorry you misinterpreted my statement. Truthfully, if you had done even a tiny bit of reading about this plant, you would have found that it's on the 'let the buyer beware' list. That you've had little problems with it until recently is terrific.

In my measly opinion, 'trial and error' isn't much fun, especially when some good information is all over the darn place. I do a fair share of experimentation, too. I just like to know that I'm on the side of beneficial returns, whenever possible. I don't have the inclination, time, money, or space to devote to much 'trial and error' specimens. But, hey! That's just me! You go for it and we'll all benefit from your experiences.

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watergal(z6/7 Westminster, MD)

IMO, it is a shame that so many plant stores sell palms cheaply when there are only a few kinds that make decent houseplants.

For indoor use, I recommend only kentia, rhapis (lady palm), and neatha bella (parlor palm). Parlor palms are cheaper than the others, but don't get as tall. I think they are probably the easiest of the three.

And any of them will do lots better with good light. In indirect light, keep them on the dry side (but never totally bone dry), and they will last longer.

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"I water it about every third day and pretty much soak it."
"For indoor use, I recommend only kentia, rhapis (lady palm), and neatha bella (parlor palm)."

Chronic mislabeling of everything at big box stores and baby palms often looking really similar doesn't help much with this, though.

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I also recently bought a majesty palm from wal-mart, (5 bucks) and tho it wasnt the healthiest looking specimen, it was big and green, and looked like it had much potential, and , for 5 bucks what the heck right? So far, not so good. Had bugs, (flying little knatty bastards) that have infected all my other houseplants cept for my fire-stick, which has taken 2-3 weeks to eliminate. Been trying to nurse it back to health, but each day the tips are turning more n more brown...been watering, has light, got rid of the bugs. And i am hopeful. I like the challenge. The other day, i noticed a new frond coming in, and that has to be a good sign. I am going to try watering it with water from my brita filtered water pitcher, instead of tap water to see if that helps.

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Mine loved the summer and has been more or less ok for the winter except when I was cutting back on water too much. We keep the humidity pretty high and it was in pretty good light. Not sure why so many people are so unpleasant about the plant.

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Sounds like spider mite. These plants are extremely susceptible to them. Look at the leaves near the stem and hold them up to a window to back light the leaves. See very tiny spider webs between the leave where they sprout from the frond stem?

I have around 8 of these plants. Some came with the house and are now seven years old... Since they came to my care. I love them. Our home is plantation style... But up north! These palms add to the plantation feel in the summer outdoors. They do fine all summer. Then I need to bring them indoors for the Michigan hard winter. It is a real trick to keep one alive for 6mo indoors. Especially if bringing in from outdoors. I have nearly lost everyone of them and I don't typically spray until I see signs and then the damage is clear.... Still my treatment has saved them all so far.

To solve the problem... Spider mite and or scale. Majesty palms are very susceptible to both. Bring it outside or to the garge if you can. Take a ounce of malathion and add to a quart of water. Mix and add to a sprayer.
Now bathe, soak... tops and bottoms of the plant fronds. If indoors, you should do this at least lightly every two months.

I soak them good in the fall with the mixture. Then I mist them while in the house every 2 months or so. I still will get mites and yellow leaves because I often don't treat until I see yellowing, it's hard to over or underwater them. They're hardy to both, though they prefer moist... Not soggy soill. So water lightly more often than a soaking every three days. They also like a mulchy soil. Add shredded back or even saw dust!

The bugs love them! Keep the malathion handy if you own this plant.
They originate from river banks in Madagascar, so they are use to damp, but not soaked soil. These are the only plants that I bring indoors over the winter, because up here big ones run 80... To 150.00 each.
I've been forced to become a bit of an expert on this one plant type.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I'll strongly suggest that malathion should never be used indoors. Chronic exposure to an organophosphate...a cholinesterase inhibitor...should be avoided.

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Majesty Palms have a very poor track record as indoor plants. They do pretty well outdoors in warm weather, but indoors they don't get enough light and air circulation. That leads to all kinds of problems, including spider mites.

The Big Box stores love to sell these plants because they are grown outside in FL and CA where it is warm all year. There, they grow much faster than most other Palm species and that means the growers can sell them more cheaply. Big Box stores love to sell big plants for low prices because most consumers think that means they are getting a bargain. Unfortunately, the retailers don't care much about the consumer's post-purchase experience, only their bottom line. When people stop buying Majesty Palms, the Big Boxes will take them off the market.


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stonesriver(6B Tennessee)

They're called "fronds." I forget myself and call them "you know, those green things that aren't called leaves." :-)

Spider mites and palms and spider mites and ivy seem to go together. Love them and am forever tempted to try again.


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