Tips on Sowing Amaryllis Seed Pls?

pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)May 29, 2012

Hi All,

Last week at a meeting of my local Indoor Gardening Society, someone shared Amaryllis seeds. Anyone have experience w/ these?

I'm contemplating sowing 'em in a mix of chopped up long sphag & perlite (50/50) moistened (as I did my Hoya seeds & my Schlumbergera seeds) which are now about 5 & 6 months old respectively.

Had read online they can be started floating in water but the poster suggested they got better overall results sowing directly to mix.

Thoughts, opinions pls? TIA

(PG) Karen

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There is lots of discussion on this in the hippie forum. Check out the FAQ. You do have to find your topic in the list, then scroll down until you come to it. Lots of links about germinating seed. I have had good luck floating mine in water, 90-100% success.

Here is a link that might be useful: Amaryllis FAQ

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Wow, ASeedIs,

On point indeed, thanks much, for an excellent link & lots to read. Now I just have to decide btwn water floating 'em vs. potting 'em up in mix. Terrific reading, thanks.

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

I have grown hippie seeds not amaryllis. Two different plants. One from Africa and one from South America. They do look similar but amaryllis seeds are round and hippie seeds are flat. I do believe they both can be grown this way;
I soak seeds in warm water with root tone mixed in. 24 hrs. them put in a container like they sell roasted chicken in. Black plastic bottom with clear plastic dome top. Makes the perfect green house to sprout the seeds in. Any good fine potting mix will do. Keep moist but not wet and with the lid almost closed. Place the seeds on the soil not covered. The hi moist conditions will help them sprout. In a week or so, it will look like grass growing, them years before you see or get anything. Remember, anything can come from a seed. One that has never been around before. So I guess it is worth the fun of trying.
Funny, I just described the same method I use to grow clivia seeds on off topic on the Sans forum.
Also almost all the seed sprout if fresh.

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Hi Stanly and Karen,

I didn't even think about the amaryllis/hippiastrum difference, I just assumed that Karen meant hippies. So I am glad that you are making this clear, in case the seed really are amaryllis ones. Thanks!


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