Plant stands

elkay_gwMay 27, 2011

What kind do you have? This is a wire one I found at a store called "Home Goods". It's about 3 feet high. I saw a similar one there a while ago, but it was about 5 feet tall. When I went back to get it, it was gone.

With plants on it......

I also have this old, white, plastic one....

I see some nice decorative stands in different stores, but they are only made to hold a few plants.

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The problem I have with plant stands is that they are too small. They work fine for when your plants are small, but in my case, in a matter of a year or 2, my plants grew too big to fit on a stand. I do have one outside that this year I have a few small bonsai starters on, as well as some annuals. This particular stand was givin to me from my mother-in-law, because it it metal, with simple metal shelves that aren't solid,meaning that they are a large, open mesh, that unless you balance your pot, they tip over. So, I made shelves out of polycarbonate plexiglass. Now of course my mother-in-law is jealous and likes the stand that it has shelves. Unfortunately for her, my bonsai trees call it home.


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I found an old umbrella stand at an antique shop downtown and I put one of my hoyas on it and wound the vines around it. It looks very neat! I got a wooden one there last year (it has three stands on it). I would love to find some old bird cages for some of my hoyas.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Elkay, nice stands..But like Joe, I have the same problem. After 'X' plant grows so tall, they no longer fit.
Your second stand seems to have quite a bit of space though. Both are nice.

Brad, there are a ton of 'things lying around the house,' that can be used for plants..Your umbrella stand is a good idea. lol
Bird cages are nice, too...Some places, 'Collection Inc' sell cages at very reasonable prices. I bought one a few years ago for stands about 3'. I use it for viney plants..
You can find used cages at garage and Estate sales. Toni

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