New Houseplant ID...already tried looking myself.

iambeanMay 30, 2010

I tried finding these two new houseplants on various pages and in a book we have but I had no luck.

Plant One came with a tag that said "Polyscias Aralia" on it. When I type that in I get a variety of plants back, many looking nothing like the plant shown here:

Plant TWO...came with no ID tag....except "assorted foliage"

Thanks in advance for any help.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Iam,

Well I know what they are: the first has a partially correct tag, it's an Aralia all right, but not the Polyscias. It's a Balfour Aralia or Aralia Balforiana. This is one of my most favorite plants of all time & I currently have one too. If you do a search here, at this Forum, you may come up w/ a post I made several months ago which included my pix of this plant & perhaps a comment that this plant doesn't come up here much.

Now that you know it's name you can look up it's care, but it want bright, indirect light & benefits from a pebble tray.

The 2nd plant is (I believe) a Pilea or Aluminum Plant which I don't know much about (except that I believe it needs humidity).

Nice finds, enjoy!

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Yes I second the above IDs, the Aluminum plant is "Pilea cadierei", it is a cold and drought sensitive plant but do well if properly cared.

Aralias are one of the toughest plants I have seen, don't know much about their cold hardiness but the other requirements are negligible.. responds very well with regular fertilizers.. a very good choice..


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That first is also often called a 'dinnerplate' aralia. Mine's tag says Polyscias balfuriana. I bought it a year ago for a quarter off a 'dead and dieing' rack at Lowes. I just wired it up for indoor bonsai. Awesome little tree, very tough. It likes humidity and to not be allowed to dry out.

The second I don't have but I'll second the aluminum plant ID.

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A balfouriana is in fact a member of the polyscias family, Aralia is just the common name.

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