A lovely little Aralia

pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)May 23, 2012

A tip cutting shared w/ me by the past president of my local Indoor Gardening Society.

I water rooted it in a terrarium, where it seems very happy.

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Karen, very nice cutting. Good-size, too.

When you said you water rooted in a terrarium, do you mean you rooted the cutting in water?
Was the terrarium for humidity?

I don't have luck with Arailias. What type of care will it get? Do they need high humidity? What about light?

Sorry for the questions. :)

Does this Aralia require similar care as Ming?

Very nice plant, good luck, Toni

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

I think you've asked me these Qs before when I've posted pix of my beloved Balfour Aralias, remember them?. Do a search for Balfour Aralia threads here & you'll see.

I rooted it in water inside a terrarium (A) to make sure it didn't dry out & (B) I had no where else to put it.

No need to be sorry for the Qs, but you know these answers, you've asked them of me before, just do the search & you'll see.

I've never had this particular Aralia before (I think this one is called Ruffles & this one is variegated), don't know what it'll need. Am guessing high humidity (which I achieve w/ pebble trays & grouping plants together) & bright indirect.

Thanks, I like it too; I hope I learn its proper care.

Aralias fade out after a time for me too. I do lose them after a while, am still trying to figure out why.

In the meantime, every time HD has them (or my very local BBS) I usually buy 3 or 4 small ones for $3.99 each (3" pots), I can't have enough of them, they just make me smile!

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