Monstera Obliqua

valerie_miMay 11, 2007

I am so excited. Look what I just got. Monstera Obliqua I have wanted one for sooooo long.


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Nice plant! You gotta love those "shotgun holes" I bought one that looks like yours at HD and I was told it was probably philodendron friedrichsthalii. Between the two named plants (friedrichsthalii & Monstera obliqua ) I still don't see what the difference's are.

Billy Rae

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Here's a picture on mine.

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Nice eye candy you have there. Do you have her in direct sun eve. or morn. I put mine in late eve.sun I hope it is not to much as to burn her leaves. Any helpfull advice would be great. I am learning as I go. Also Is the plant toxic. I do have to go in a specail room so my grand kids dont get in into it. I have seen this plant called Fredricka as a philodendron also. When I type that into my browser nothing comes up. so I am asuming it has many names. Most of the sites I have been to say the leaves stay small around 4 inches. Is that true? I have seen some that were at least a foot long. Shot gun Is what they called it. Boy I tell ya these plant names will get ya. I have some plants I don't even know what they are.

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I have mine facing out a west window behind some sheer curtains and it does ok. In the winter I noticed it's not enough light, so this fall/winter it will need to be moved where there aren't any curtains in the way. It likes to stay a little bit on the moist side too.

This philodendron/monstera is commonly called, (swiss cheese plant)
There is another plant called swiss Cheese (Philodendron - Monstera deliciosa) a different plant with much bigger leaves that start out as a whole leaf, then get holes, then the holes eventually turn into splits.
Some plant names can be confusing, especially when the scientific names are suddenly changed to something else!

Philodendron is on the toxic list, but all plants can be toxic to a degree I think and any given plant "could" potently cause different reactions in different people/pets. I think many are more an irritant than anything else. You would probably have to eat a LOT of plants to get sick, but I would still try and keep them away from kids and pets.

Billy Rae

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What a pretty plant...but to me it resembles the swiss cheese..I can't tell the difference..LOL
All my Philos/Monsteras are placed in south windows..they don't get direct sun, or very little since the house next door, (about 15-20' away) blocks a good portion of light. Toni

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Good luck with yours. I've always liked them but was never successful with it.


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Oh, and good luck with yours too! I would gladly share, if yours ever decides (not that it will) to get snotty, lol.

Billy Rae

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Thank-you so much every one.

Billy Rae, I think I will let mine stay in this pot for now but I love yours in the hanging basket. If she does become snotty I will keep you In mind. Thank-you for the offer.

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can anyone tell me where to find swisscheese philodendron plant please.

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Where can I buy the monstera obliqua plant or how can i order it through internet?

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Do you have anything to trade for a cutting?

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You may be interested to know M. obliqua is a synonym of Monstera adansonii. The plant is commonly sold as M. obliqua, M. friedrichsthalii, and a bunch of other names (close to 20), but rarely its true scientific name.

Dr. Tom Croat of the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis finally set me straight on this one. It is capable of growing extremely large if given something tall to climb. My largest leaf is now has close to 30 inch leaves.

The reason for all the names is in the early days of botany those guys would go out in the field and find something "new". If they hadn't seen or described it before, they'd give it a new name. Scott gave this one close to 20 different names. They did not realize that the 30 plus actual species of Monstera truly have hundreds of growth forms. They "morph" as they grow from juvenile to adult. The plants shown here are simply juvenile. But the leaves can also take on totally different shapes in their adult stage as well. It can be very confusing to any novice grower.

Here is a link that might be useful: The ExoticRainforest

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I've been searching for this plant for years, but never knew the correct name. Had one and lost it. Where can I get it? Can it be bought online? I've been calling nurseries and they never seem to identify the name or description. I'm currently in Southern California. Any suggestions?

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Do a google search on Monstera Obliqua nursery if. You should be able to find a nursery.

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I have this plant and have had a challenge keeping it going. If it's too dark,
it turns yellow; if it's too bright it turns yellow! Mine seems to like more light than less. I just read it's a climbing plant, so I will try to train it somewhere.
I like this website, where I see they are selling this plant. They have many other interesting plants. I purchased mine at a flower shop where they said it was a Philodendron. I once wondered if the wholes that appear as the leaf grows -
would completely consume the leaf until it vanishes. However, it seems the leaf
doesn't last that long to vanish.... or maybe it does vanish and I don't see it anymore!

Here's Asiatica's website. They are a wonderful, serious plant establishment for rare finds:

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greenjulia(zone 7b bham al)

i got mine on ebay for $5. i've also just started seeing them in local nurseries (after i searched everywhere and ended up buying online). i also made my own climbing pole with pvc pipe and coir. love this plant!!

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Hi - greenjulia, what is the plant to the left of your leaf in your picture? (Xanadu?). Is it growing in rocks?



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bihai(zone 9)

This is mine, it originates in that little Exotic Angel plant and spreads out in all directions for over 10 feet. Its an extremely aggressive vine under the right conditions

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greenjulia(zone 7b bham al)

kioni, that is indeed a xanadu! it's not growing in rocks, though - that is just the flat glass marbles in the clay saucer.

strangely enough, i haven't been on this forum for a few weeks, and today i got ANOTHER monstera.

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I have also found out that my swiss cheese loves the humidifier on............really responds to this.

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For anybody wondering about fertilizing this wonderful plant... I fed mine fish fertilizer and it it is growing out of control and looking so healthy. I bought Ferti-lome fish fertilizer at my local garden shop and it made my plant double in size in just a few weeks.

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