trying to 'beautify' fema lots in our small town new hartford ia

jeannespinesApril 18, 2012

To my GJer friends...

Some of us older folks (retired they call it) are trying to do 'volunteer' work & establish community gardens & such in our small town of New Hartford, IA after the 500-yr flood of 2008 & a tornado (losing 2 lives) in that couple weeks.

Lots of people were able to rebuild but 23 lots are now FEMA lots where families had no choice but to move one can ever build on these lots & we are trying to 'beautify' them.

Anyway, we were selected to participate in a nationwide contest to win a free fruit orchard, complete w/ irrigation, sponsored by Edy's fruit bars & the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. Our theme is HELP US HELP OTHERS!

We can only WIN by ONLINE voting once-a-day & we are shooting to be 1 of 5 winners on May 30th. I wonder if any of you would consider voting online each day for us! We are currently in 3rd place ...

You just register an email address & chose a password for yourself so you can vote 1X daily...any number of votes will help us out! The link is below ... our zip code is 50660 if you want to use that when you vote or you can look on the map list...New Hartford FEMA Lot Restoration ...New Hartford, IA.

Thank you so much! Jeannespines

This is the FEMA lot where we want the orchard...just 2 blocks from our Elementary School...pictured are some of the kids & volunteers:

Here is a link that might be useful: Communities Take Root!

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All I got was "they want name of my community"? We need place to vote for you! Jan

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Click on 'Vote' ...they will ask for e-mail & password (you do for yourself) so you can get on & vote.

Our community is New Hartford, IA or Zip Code 50660.

We're in 3rd place doing good...but others are jumping ahead! Thanks, sunnyca...hope you can VOTE! Jeanne S.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

good luck. I see you are now in 2nd place. I'll try to remember to keep voting!

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Thank you, ladies! We are in 2nd place...& if we can keep up the voting for the next 14 days (thru May 30th), we may win the orchard!!! They will award the 5 top winners on May 31st! We're really hoping to stay in the top 5!!! So, 'Plant your Vote!' for New Hartford, Iowa! Appreciate it! Jeanne S.

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chelcass(Z5 Michigan, U.P.)

Hey Jeannie, You are still in second place. I vote every day for you. Sure hope you win. will be keeping my fingers crosses!!

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Planting votes here - drafted the hubs too =]
Prayin for FAVOR


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THANK YOU, GJ'ers!!! Very appreciated! 8 more days of voting starting tomorrow ...last day of voting May top 5 announced May 31st ...we want to be one of them! THANK YOU!

Progress is being made in our town...
4 Seasons Perennial Garden is almost only the grassy area needs seeded when rains come back done, mulching done, arbor built, bird baths ...everything looking very beautiful!

another lot ...the Veteran's Memorial...concrete slab has been poured ...dirt/grassy area worked up ...flag pole & electric installed ...volunteer is starting to install memorial tomorrow night ...hopefully, for Memorial Day on Monday! Oh, this is so awesome!

another FEMA lot ...Gazebo...costs lots & lots of has been raised ...some grant ...lots of donations, concrete poured, sidewalk forms laid & truck bringing in 6000 lbs. worth of Gazebo pieces tomorrow...volunteers will be building it ...hoping to be done for New Hartford yearly celebration ...'Beaver Creek Days' ...the 1st weekend of June.

So we're hoping to announce that we are a WINNER of the free orchard on May 31st also!!!

another lot...has been tilled up ...& 8 garden plots laid out for 6th grade class started plants in terraium & now have them in the garden...they will tend to the plot this summer! We have a grant in progress for this lot & hoping to hear by June 1st!

so, lots of good things happening ...APPRECIATE your votes! Anyone can still vote...last day of school today so am afraid we will lose some voters!!! Thank you so much, GJers!!! Jeanne S. 'Plant your vote for New Hartford!'

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Here's the Veterans' Memorial lot...I am in awe of all the volunteers & support to get this will be dedicated tomorrow morn (Memorial Day) at 9 am. & then walk across bridge (wreath goes in the river) & onto the cemetery...the cemetery has been replanted w/trees & all the stones fixed back up since the tornado of 2008 ...

here's a pic at dusk when the Vets Memorial was installed by volunteers (built by volunteers also) ...2 trucks put their headlights on it so I could take some pics) ... it was humbling!

And then the next night (after windy day & then rains), a friend took this pic after a few volunteers had planted roses & mulched & added some urns....she sent me this pic on my's AWESOME!

So I thank you for voting for the orchard! May 31st we will know if we are in the top 5 yet!!! We still are tonight with 3 more days of voting left! Crossing fingers! Please vote! Everyone counts! Jeanne S.

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chelcass(Z5 Michigan, U.P.)

Awesome Pictures. The rainbow is stunning. as of today you are still in second place. Yea!!!!

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Yes, chelcass! We are lookin' good! GREAT, matter-of-fact! 3rd place has really gained on us this past week but we're still in 2nd & still in the top 5! If you click on the website tomorrow, it should announce NEW HARTFORD as one of the winners!!!

So thank you, thank you, thank you, GJer friends, who cast a single vote or even appreciated! Planting should happen this summer yet on another empty FEMA lot just near the school ...our theme HELP US HELP OTHERS ... it's working!!! It's happening!! I am just super-excited! THANKS SO MUCH! Jeanne S.

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chelcass(Z5 Michigan, U.P.)

Congrats! You won!! Fantastic! Don't forget to take pictures of before, during and after.

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YES, WE DID WIN, Chelcass! Yes, I'm taking pics, too! Thanks so much for 'planting your vote!' We should be getting the orchard anytime near the end of June to mid-July...we have a party & Edy's Fruitbars brings them! Jeanne S.

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chelcass(Z5 Michigan, U.P.)

Fantastic! Wish I could be there to help. I love digging in the dirt.

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Woohoo!! Congratulations! If I were closer, I'd love to help. No where else I'd rather be than diggin in the garden. The pictures are beautiful. A rainbow, a promise, and Hope for the future. God is good all the time..


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