oxalis not staying dormant

rhynnoMay 26, 2010

Hey all,

I have a few oxalis (shamrock) plants both purple and green. The purples are still going strong but the greens aren't staying dormant.

The one got bugs so I chopped off the leaves and stopped watering while the other looked super shabby so I stopped all watering. Both plants seemed to go dormant but about a week to three weeks later they started pushing up leaves. Finally I relented and let them out of the dark, cool spot and they seem to be coming back.

Should I try to keep them dormant for longer next time? I remember reading that they shpould be dormant for three to four months for the green variety.

what does everyone else do with theirs?



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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

I don't grow these but was at an Indoor Gardening Society Mtg this week where a very experienced member showed a purple Oxalis she grows which is in active growth now.

IMO I'd let it continue to do what it's doing, it probably knows better than we do.

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

This is its normal growing season. It will be tough to change its growth habits.

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Good points! Thank you both :)!

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Sure, anytime, you're welcome.

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I grow mine, inground outdoors.
Yep, what am I doing posting here? Well, answering questions.
PG,K has a good grip on 'what plants want' and often that is the simplest answer. Changing them frequently ends with disappointment on all sides. I grow several varieties, and the go dormant all on their own. Usually when the heat and light intensify. I seem to only have them active about 6 months a year, during late fall when the rains start and into spring until the heat ramps up. I suspect I am getting ready to go into dormant time, but am not sure if that is determined by temperature.

Good luck and report back, please!

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Hey thanks Cena :). My two greens have started up again but the leaves are either stunted or have brown patches. I suspect that I burned them a little with the direct light. I wonder if they like less light than the others? My purples get full sun and my iron crosses (green with purple in the middle of the leaves) get strong light on my balcony. Do you find the same thing?



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