I start a temp job tomorrow!

concretenprimroses(4B NH)April 4, 2012

Well its not a job I would have applied for or would want to do 'permanently'. So, through the temp agency, I am covering for the next couple of months while they interview and hire someone to do the job. Seem like very nice people, and it will be good to earn some money and go out among people for 2 months. I am pleased. Temping in different places may be fun. I'll meet people and see different work places.


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I've known of several people out here that got their permanent job after the folks they was temping for liked them & asked them to work for them. So should see a little of what is available out there. Good Luck! Jan

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Good for you, crete! Good luck! Jeanne S.

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Glad you got some temp work. You said it
wasn't something you would choose, so what
is it?
Curiosity killed the cat-LOL

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Marlene Kindred

Best of Luck Kathy~Happy you got a call to temp. I'm with Nonacook...what are you doing?

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Hi, I didn't start yet! Turns out I need to do the big company orientation (even tho I am employed by the temp agency) and there isn't one until the 16th. Today I have to do a drug test and health questionaire. AT least once I've done it I will be good to go to do another job in the same company once this one is over.
The job is basic secretarial and answering phones, managing someone's calendar. I have to dress business casual, which will be nice after wearing jeans for 5 years, but I am digging through my closet remaking and taking in some things (and getting rid of too small, sigh). And haunting the thrift stores for blouses, the one nice thing I wore out while wearing jeans. That is why I haven't been here much.
I still apply for "regular" jobs when I see one, but I usually don't even get an email saying "sorry we don't want you", just nothing.
I've interviewed for 2 temp jobs and the people are so thrilled to see me which is a nice contrast.

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