Anyone experienced w/rose of Jericho/resurrection/dinosaur plant?

squidy(8a)May 30, 2011

As in, this thing:

I got one a few years ago and only hydrated it for a few weeks before drying it out and putting it in a drawer. I just took it out again and put it in water today. I am not sure how to take care of it. A lot of sites say not to keep it in water for more than a few days, a week at max, then let it dry out again.. (the reason given being either because it will get moldy, or because in the desert it is not used to extended periods in water) but other sites say not to dry it out and resurrect it too many times because this stresses it out, and you can keep it in water for most of the year. So what am I supposed to do??? I would like to keep it out for a long time if possible.

ALSO, what can I do to encourage new growth on the plant? It doesn't have a lot of green on it currently. A lot of the fronds look old/brown. Also it is just sitting in plain water right now. I know nothing about hydroponics, but it seems like it would need some fertilizer or something to create new fronds. I even found a site saying you can plant it in soil. Does that work well?

Lastly, one site said it would smell nice, but right now mine sort of smells like a fish tank. I hope this isn't bad.

Pleeeaaase help, I am so lost and I want this plant to flourish~

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Squidy..before putting it away, was it in a fish tank? lol

I had one many moons ago...To be honest, I like plants that remain green all the time..:)

Before responding, I Googled Resurrection article says to pot in a shallow container, 'isn't it a fern?' in sand and pebbles/stones.

Did yours come in a bag? If so, did it have directions? Of what I remember, the instructions said not to keep in water for prolonged periods or it will rot, so most likely, the articles you found are correct.

You might as well keep in water a few days and see what happens. Since it's been in a drawer a few years, anyway right?

I don't think they get big...Don't know about fertilizing. Air plants are fertilized by spraying leaves. One site recommends Orchid Fertilizer, but I think an organic fertilizer would work better. It doesn't burn leaves, so it's safe. Fish Emulions would probably do, but your plant will smell like a BIG fish tank..'a few days.' Toni

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It was not in a fish tank. OTL;
And yes, it was one that came in a little box with a plastic bowl and some lava rocks, lol. I lost the instructions back when I got it, but I have just found them online:
Hmm: "When you bring me back to life, change my water and rinse me every day for the first few weeks."
"I will grow in my bowl of water indefinitely, although I do prefer to a few naps each year."

So I guess I can have it out for a long time!
Maybe it smells the way it does because I didn't follow the rinsing instruction closely enough the first time around.. hopefully I can undo that.

The only plant food I have is Schultz 10-15-10, would that work? And would spraying the leaves with it really work better than putting it in the water where the roots are? Sorry I'm still sort of new to all this plant stuff, so I'm just trying to figure out what's really best and why.

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