Anyone else LOVE spider plants?

wandering_willow(6 NYC)May 19, 2010

So I was just looking at my spider plant, who I affectionately call Charlotte (from a favorite childhood book, Charlotte's Web, lol) and felt like doing a little tribute
to these wonderful plants! Anyone else here love them? It's nice that they thrive off benign neglect, and seem to be the perfect apartment plant, and I just love how
they produce all those babies and cute little white flowers! Does anyone know of any other plants that produce plantlets on
runners like spider plants? I think its adorable! Anyway, I'd love to see pictures of other people's spiders! Best,


Here is a bad picture of my big momma - Charlotte :) I'm sorry the picture is so big, I don't know how to shrink it!

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I know that Saxifraga sarmentosa (Strawberry Begonia - it's not a Begonia despite the common name) grows plantlets on runners. It also (as far as I've noticed) does well on benign neglect however to a very slightly lesser degree.

This is my Spider Plant. It's in a 10in plastic pot with like, a million babies. I grew it from just a little tiny plantlet started 3 years ago off of my mother's plant, which she's since killed. Yours looks so happy!
It looks a little deflated in this pic 'cause it was thirsty when it was taken. It puffs up substantially when not thirsty.

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wandering_willow(6 NYC)

Yours looks adorable! and very happy too! Those Strawberry "Begonias" are very cute too! might havta add it to my list haha. Thanks for sharing the pic!!

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Strawberry Begonias are cute. They're very tolerant and if you're lucky they'll send up a flower stalk in the middle of the plant. I, however, have never had mine flower for I dunno what it takes.

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