My new Monstera variegata!!

plantsaremylife_grow(5b)May 24, 2011

Hi all!

So I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new Monstera deliciosa variegata for 3 years now. I been looking and looking for one and finally found one on Logees site! I have the normal green one and its wonderful; when I learned there was a variegated form I was on the prowl, lol.

So here it is. It was more than I expected and was very pleased by it. I figured I would get a 6 inch tall thin twig of a plant that would be touch and go.....nope! Its a beautiful growing sturdy stemmed plant and I cant wait to see more leaves appear. Here it is.

Well thats all I got. Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Kyle

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dellis326 (Danny)

Hey Kyle
Nice, Don't wait to long to repot it.

I know I'll get people disagreeing with me but I would put it in an 8" to 12" pot, a 50/50 mix of perlite and wood chips with a few handfuls of compost and long fiber sphagnum (not peat) moss tossed in. Water it every few days, never let it dry out, this mix won't hold much water. As those roots grow from the stem, aim them down to the pot so they provide nutrients to the upper portion of the plant, bend them gently, they break easy.

Here's mine, Sorry for the crappy cell phone picture The bamboo is about 4 feet tall;

Here it is a couple of years ago;

I had to cut it off that skinny section of stem and re-root it, I cut the air roots short, they were almost six feet long, and set them in water for about a month to start growing new roots.

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dellis326- I couldn't agree more! I am definitely going to repot it! I can't see your pics for some reason! All I can see is a ? in a box! I agree on the 8 to 12 inch pot. These grow big fast and need space especially with summertime coming. Not being able to see your pics... do you grow anything like as a ground cover in the pot with it? I'm wondering if I could put it with a Epipremnum 'Marble queen' as a partner plant. I would keep the MQ a base plant. I might also think I'd like maybe a variegated or plain green peace lily in on the ground with it. I have some all of these in different pots but might like them together. What do you think? I believe they are all culturally similar but the variegations could be a little different. I know there are mixed feelings on community pots or group plantings. I believe there was a thread not that long ago about his subject. I personally rather like the idea o group pots. Hmmmmmmmm? Kyle

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dellis326 (Danny)

I do not have anything growing with mine but a Epipremnum would probably not be an issue since they have similar requirments. A spathiphyllum probably would work too but maybe bump up the pot size a notch or two unless it's a small one and they can grow big together. Knock off most of the old soil if you use my mix or something like it, if you use a commercial type mix, use your own better judgement.

I'm not at home so I can't repost the photos til later. GW showed them to me in the preview so I don't know what went wrong. I'll try again tonight.

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dellis326 (Danny)

My picture hosting site has been down all day but it seems to be working again.

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Beautiful! I just love looking at a monstera leaf. Aren't the holes awesome?! Seems odd to have holes on purpose on a leaf doesn't it. What a wonderful aroid! Those roots also have a magical look too. Thanks for posting those pics, it gives me inspiration to see other monsteras! Kyle

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Very cool - I LIKE it! I would love to have one but, I know I could never provide enough light for one of those during the winter.....unless I had a greenhouse.

Best of luck with it!

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dellis326 (Danny)

I was too fast with the clicker and had more to say,

I normally keep the dish under the pot full of a hydroponic nutrient solution so it is always wet. You can't see it in the picture but I've melted holes in the pot several inches up the sides. I melt the holes with a soldering iron rather then drill them because I find that they are more resistant to cracking when it is a heavy planting.

It, more or less, is grown semi-hydro but in wood chips rather then hydroton or rock wool or something like that. I flush it out every now and then (4 to 8 weeks)It gets only morning sun. I have it in a warehouse that I have my studio in so the temps can range as low as 45 in the winter to in the 90s in the summer with occasional peaks higher than that.


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I'm wondering myself if I should try semi-hydro. I don't know anything about it really. Would I be able to grow a community pot that way?

I tend to let things dry-out a little too much. Part of the reason why some of my plants i.e. Spathyphyllums and ferns don't flourish. My green monstera loves water and I want to make sure this one doesn't croak or suffer, especially after what I paid for it! It seems to be already wantin to grow... Yay! Did you notice the brown on the one white leaf? Do you know what that's from? Is it from dry media. It did dry out a bit the other day. Kyle

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dellis326 (Danny)

That brown could be from anything. Without knowing the actual growing conditions before you got it there's no way to tell for sure but it might be sunburn. I don't think I'd put that thing in the sun for very long if at all. Could also be from being too close to a heater or touching a cold window, who knows?

You could easily grow this plant semi-hydro. The epipremnum and spaths would be fine that way too. I have spaths growing immersed in water but I have been thinking of changing them to semi, There's always a few brown spots on them but they have doubled in the number of plants in the tub and flower consistently in the spring and more irregularly the rest of the year.

People get freaked out about a little brown spots or yellow leaves, if you ever see any of these plants growing in the wild you'd be surprised at how ragged many of them are.

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birdsnblooms's beautiful...A lot bigger than I expected. The colors are so vivid..Some leaves look all white. You really got a beauty. Lucky you!
Which window will you keep it?

Do you really plan on using a 12" pot? If so, please be careful watering. You don't want to drown the roots.

I'd love one, but after seeing the price on Logees, well, it's beyond my

Are you going to mist leaves? Monstera likes humidity and clean foliage...As a little guy, you can set in the sink and hose..'leaves.'

Very nice, Kyle..Wowee! Toni

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Toni- I think I will put it ina East window. It gets the morningsun and should do well there. For the summer I will stick it onthe North side of the house as it is shaded. Its bright though, no direct sun at all. I will lovable stick it in a six or 8 inch pot and put that in a bigger pot so I can put more plants in with it. I have so many plants that I have to cheat a little. Community pots might become a thing to do for me. Which isn't a problem as I like them and the look alot. I mighthave to mist yes. I'm still having a problem disciplining myself with doing that. But you've seen the price I paid for it. It gives me a good reason to do it. It was quite a gamble with the order but I was pleased and my faith is somewhat restored in that company. I hope it does well. The winters here might present a challenge but we will have to see! I will probably grow it on an obelisk like I'm going to grow my other green one. Kyle

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Kyle, an east windows is perfect.
Did you happen to read care instructions on Logees? Shade. I don't totally agree with complete shade, especially since variegated plants need more light than green, but certainly not direct sun. Unobstructed east will do fine.

Oh yeah, you mentioned adding plants around the Monstera. Have you decided which, yet?
You were thinking Peace Lily or Pothos. IMO, Pothos would look better. Have you ever seen Ficus Pumila? There are green and variegated F. pumila. It's a vine that does well in shade. Small leaves. They're actually very pretty, especially for what you're thinking of doing.. A pot within a pot. Good idea.

Don't take this wrong, Kyle, but I don't think Peace Lily would look good growing with your Monstera..Two uprights?
Check out Ficus Pumila..Since Monstera leaves are large, do you not think a plant with small leaves, growing alongsie your Monstera would look nice?

Better to under than over-water..Toni

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Toni- I completely agree. I love ficus pumila and there are many around at the stores now including he variegated. I never would have thought to put them with it. Nice! I've attempted to grow them before with no success. I always let them dry out! They dont forgive me even a little. I bough those Ficus lyrata at Kmart yesterday I mentioned in the other thread and thought I would put Ficus pumila beneath those but hmmmmm.... I would do the same set-up; pot within a pot with the Ficus. I could mix and match couldn't I? I can't wait for my paycheck tomorrow lol. I want to use Philodendron scandens somewhere as well as a ground cover. I have four giant peacelilies (the REALLY BIG ones) that I was thinking about putting in pots with Philodendron scandens. My four giant peacelillies are outside now braving 54 degrees! Its cooooold out. Do you do community pots/group plantings? I just love he lushness of them.

Good point on the tallness of the peacelillies and monstera. I still can't see it in my head, prob because it won't look good lol. My original thought was to have the monstera in the center and have peacelillies beneath it and the pothos beneath those. I have this symmetrical image in my head. It would look like a wedding cake if you will! Odd thats how I compare my ideas. However, these ideas seldomly work longterm for me and never stay symmetrical. I'm no a good rotator when it comes to my plants. Kyle

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Kyle..One thing about F. pumila, they don't like dry soil. I too have killed them by under-watering. But, if you're using a large pot, the soil would take longer to dry..

As for Peach Lily's. You said you have the you have Mauna loas? They grow 4-5' tall..Huge leaves, tall flowers.

I guess if you had your setup like a wedding cake, lol, tallest Monstera, small Spaths, and a third hanging plant on the bottom..It'd be one heavy

Are you planning on summering your Monstera outside?

Ficus lyrata needs more sun and less water than pumila..Although it'd look nice, there'd be a difference in needs..

How tall is your new Ficus? They used to be common here, but it's been years since I've seen one for sale. Especially taller specimens, although every so often, HD has them available. They look good if given proper light. Their veins are deep red.

Monsteras used to be dirt cheap..wonder why they're so expensive?? They're easily rooted. Heck, you could find a 4' green Monstera for 7.99. lol..a lot has changed. Toni

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Kyle,

I'm happy for you & your new plant, but wonder if you may be going rather fast & liable to regret it.

I've waited for others to raise the issue, no one has. Don't know if you've grown this plant before, but have you any experience w/ variegated plants?

I ask this because of how little green exists on your Monstera. The all white leaves are lovely, but variegation tends to be somewhat unstable in the plants & they may revert to green. They may also be more vulnerable to problems in general.

I collect many variegated plants & have at least 5-6 different variegated species (Hoyas, Aralias, Ceropegias, Sansevierias, Haworthias). The less green in the plant, the less it's able to provide food & nutrients for the plant.

We see this issue in some common Hoyas, where if the branch goes entirely white, it won't survive if cut off the mother plant. Some of the variegates grow oddly shaped leaves or maybe put their leaves where they're bound to abort (like into the side of a clay pot).

I share all this to suggest you just leave the plant alone & let it adjust to the new home. I believe that much white on the plant makes it more vulnerable to insects & other problems. I would advise against combining it w/ other plants or underplanting around it.

Really, I would advise against doing anything other than observing & letting it grow. I don't think I'd even repot it unless you really your know mixes & pots or have someone to advise you.

I don't mean to be a killjoy or a downer, it's just that all the ideas you seems to be considering out loud, seem to me things that MAY compromise the plant, which I see is quite nice & I read you spend some $$ for.

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Toni- I know what you mean about Ficus lyrata. I've never seen them around my town before. I look often because its my favorite Ficus! I have one pot already of it that I paid 30 bucks for! Stupid me. The leaves aren't even fiddle like in the slightest. Which makes me wonder if it's a weak strain. My new ones have that beautiful fiddle foliage and are half the size of my other one. They are about 2 and a half feet tall. The leaves are fiddle shaped from the bottom all the way up! My older one is in a East window.

Speaking I the giant peace lillies... I believe they are Mauna loa. I only intended to get one. I was at Lowes and the lady who marks things down marked them down super cheap, 5 dollars to be exact for almost a 3 gallon pot. They were previously 35 dollars. For some reason I just can't spend that much on a peace lily. When I saw the 5 dollar mark down, I told her I would take all 4 of them. They were beautiful then and still are! They actually have become some of my favorite HPs.

I have often wondered myself about the price of monsteras and there ease of rooting. Doesn't make sense to either. I suppose it's because they can! Silly people like me pay for it too! I'm the the reason why!!! Lol.

pirate_girl- I completely understand where your coming from. I'm concerned myself about the all white leaves. They are lovely but I hope anything newer comes out with some green! All white leaves... was that a caused by too much light at the nursery? What type of light might you suggest to get more variegation on the leaves? It's in a East window as we type, lol. The two lowest leaves have the green on them and if I loose those I could be in trouble. I plan on keeping it moist not wet. Do you have any suggestions on fertilization? Does that play some role in variegating it? This is one plant that I will go above and beyond to keep happy ;). Kyle

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Hey Kyle...

I HOPE you have a big

Could the F. lyrata that doesn't have fiddle-leaf leaves, possibly be another species?
Maybe it's still too young??? Shapes change at maturity.

Wowee, 4 are beautiful, my favorite Peace Lily, (beside my variegates) but I just don't have the room. A Mauna loas would look fantastic in a large bright room.
If you have pics, please post. Have they ever bloomed?

Guess what? lol. Last Fri, I spent a couple hours looking for a variegated Philo/Monstera.
While trying to help a friend find an African Violet, I browsed one site..this woman sold nothing but AV's, but has added other plants the last year or two.
Sure enough, she had one variegated Philo..
I emailed her ASAP, lol, then ended up phoning..she has one left, but it won't be ready for a couple weeks. I can wait.

It's P. Imbe varigata..ever see one? The reason it won't be shipped for two weeks is, before shipping, she wants to be sure roots are full. I respect her honesty..some people would ship a plant, root-less or too young.' Just to get the money.

I also found a seller, selling a gorgeous variegated Monstera, on Ebay. He's in Thailand. Problem is he wants 30.00 for shipping, plus the cost of the plant..I was the first bidder, then suddenly, 5 more people bid. Think it was 36.00 last time I looked, plus 30 for shipping..Don't know the final bid so I decided to pass it up. It was BEAUTIFUL, though..

There's one more Philo I want. P. elegans. It's a split-leaf..the leaves are very fragile. Thing is it's impossible to find. I'd prefer variegated, but would invest in green.
When young, shape of this Philos leaves look nothing like they will at maturity..they're slow-growing.

My Philodendron window is pretty full, so except for the variegated and if I can locate elegans, guess that's it for thie beautiful Aroid.

Some of my Philos are super-root-bound, and need repotting. Once they're in larger containers, my Philo window is really going to be

How's your new Philo coming along? Toni

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