Pachypodium lamerei trunk chop?

keltic_pickleMay 23, 2013

I have a Pachypodium lamerei that is getting quite tall. I was wondering if it's possible to chop the trunk back on this plant? I've always shortened my Euphorbias by chopping them back and propagating new plants with the parts I prune off. Is this sort of thing possible with Pachypodiums? The trunk is pretty fat, so it wouldn't be an easy job, I realize. But if I'm able to manage it, would the plant then branch off at the prune point and could the chopped off bit be used to start a new plant?

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It's possible certainly, though success is in the hands of the plant and nature ( unfortunately for we mere mortals).
Given the best chance, plants just want to grow to flowering size and overcome breakages and damage in the meantime. Bless them!
Family Apocynaceae so they are akin to things like plumeria. I can't think there's anything to guide you on height, I mean no nodules or such, so decide on cutting at a point below where you want for branching.
Heeling over the base of the cut part first, and protecting the upper surface of the growing plant... you may already know of something, I found cinnamon powder a good antibiotic. You'll have to be very patient.

You might also ask in Cacti/succulent forums

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Thanks Alison. May have to give it a try.

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