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luvs2clickMay 10, 2012

Just counted and I have over 70 containers to get planted up for my show June 9-10. (fairy gardens, etc) not including the 15 or so I've already got planted. Didn't realize I had so many. Yesterday I got holes punched in all of them and got a 1/2 yard of screened topsoil and started mixing my potting soil with it right in the back of the truck. Happy to say I got MOST of the containers filled with dirt anyway. Today I head to the greenhouse and spend a fortune on plants and then plant til the cows come home all next week. They really need time to get growing. I can use smaller plants (cheaper) if I get them planted early and also use cuttings from my own garden. The containers range in size from a small 8" enamel basin to large washtubs and a full sized vintage wagon. I try not to think too far ahead or its overwhelming. Hubby tries to keep me focused, saying "just take one day at a time". Every year I think I'm not doing this again, but then I go to the show and do fantastic and the dollar signs get the best of me. Then again, I don't think I've ever had a job that was quite as much fun! (or ever worked so hard for that matter if truth were told). The timing is just bad - right at the time when I am dividing my perennials and trying to get my beds cleaned up and mulched - busy time in the garden! I was hoping putting my thoughts down "in writing" might help calm me down! We'll see if it works!


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You always work so hard and then do so well at the
shows. I remember how much work it was to do small
container gardens when I sold them in the mid 1970s,
I didn't do fancy ones like you-just plants and in
macrame hangers.
Timeing was everything, to keep the plants doing well,
and still keeping them small. You just can't do those too soon!
At least you got most of the dirt in...
And in the long run it is FUN to see the finished product.
Hope putting it into words has calmed you down.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and precious time with

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Good luck! I'm sure they will be marvelous! You are one hard worker. Your hubby's advice of one day at a time is a good one. I've got to start thinking that way too.

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Marlene Kindred always have the coolest container gardens and I especially love your fairy gardens! You find some of the cutest little fairies and gnomes. Sounds like you are moving along very well in getting everything filled up and ready to roll on the planting....hope you do just as well this year at your sale! Post some pictures if you get a chance...I love looking at your little gardens!

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Sounds like you will need a large truck to get all the plants there but you do such beautiful shows, I'm sure this 1 will be great also! Can't wait for pics! Jan

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What a relief to hear someone on my frequency! I have spent the past two days prepping the materials I want to use for the local festival May 25,26,27.I planted sedums in child's crock shoes. I drilled holes in containers for fairy gardens,holes in copper tea kettles for silverware wind chimes, prepped 3 chairs for planters(still need to paint,chicken wire and coco liner),sorted glass for totems and plate flowers, and bottles for bugs. PANIC!!! They moved me from arts&crafts to "Gateway to the Garden" (which is on the less traveled side). I have some PFs and totems already made.Need to bead and assemble chimes. Flatten spoons...OH NO I just realized I could make some garden stake spoons with herb names but then I might not have enough spoons! Writing this is helping,I thought the more variety the better and spot was only $50 for 3 days.Will take pictures and post at some point.Then give results of sales. All of you are great inspiration. Thanks :)

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Thanks for the encouragement everyone! I need lots of it! Jan, would you believe I use my mini-van (with all the seats out). Thank goodness it is only 13 miles from me, and I can set up all day on Friday, so I usually make about 4 or 5 trips to get it all there. And I can pack a van like no other - hubby cannot believe all I can pile in there. I call it my truck.

Kim - welcome to my life - sounds like yours is much the same. My spot (a double space) is $150 for 2 days, but very well attended show (and they bring lots of money). Hope you do well! I look forward to seeing pictures and hearing your results. Have you done the show before?

I have so much to do it is mindboggling. I haven't started bottle bugs yet and can usually sell as many as I can make. Have tons of old Coke bottles I plan to use this time as well as old Christmas bulbs. I got my larger containers planted and am ready to go full-tilt all week with planting. Spent $106 at the nursery the other day and will have to go back, I'm sure. I buy my groundcovers in a 6 pk. basket and then divide each one into 4 so I get 24 plants from one 6-pk. I also have mini shepherd's hooks to make, marble gazing balls to assemble, some birch logs to cut up into miniature houses, mini buntings to make, you name it. I may as well give up sleeping.

It will all be worth it though. I love it when everyone oohs and aahs over my stuff and stands in line to buy, it makes it all worthwhile. I meet the neatest people and they all love to visit. I've had 2 previous customers call me in anticipation already. Fairy gardening seems to be getting very popular though, there are several other vendors doing it this year also. I used to be the only one selling them, and it was something unique, so I am hoping for continued good sales this year, but not sure.

I will post pictures eventually - I don't accessorize any of my gardens until a few days before the show.

Glad Sundays are a day of rest around our house.....back to the grindstone tomorrow!

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Thanks Arlene, I rested today also. I haven't done this festival as a vendor, only as a visitor. I did a last minute craft show in March with only glass, no fairy gardens and sold $200. My boss where I work parttime offered to pay if I worked it and brought her stuff and mine. She told me on a Thurs. for a Fri set up and Sat/Sun show. But it turned out well even though I did not have a large inventory. It gave me the encouragement to do this one. Not sure if others will have anything similiar to my stuff. Your gardens are so sweet, and I'd never seen them here,so after your last show I started hunting little decorations. Hope I can focus and COMPLETE these projects. Your husband's advice is sound, plus I want to enjoy the process-it's why I started making stuff in the first place.This year I decided I wanted to make it into a business. We shall see....

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Oh my! Just finished up my planting and did a count. 95 containers and 4 pr. of shoes. Then I came inside and saw on the news that we are expecting FROST tonight! Someone's playing a dirty trick on me! I am debating not worrying about it because they are all perennials (I moved the few annuals in) and they are up around the house in flower beds. On a side note: I don't think I'll ever get my fingernails clean again!

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luvs...your creations are so original...therefore, the best! You put so much into each individual container garden...I love seeing your creations! Sounds like you won't be doing anything in your own gardens for a few weeks anyway! Have fun...everything sounds like it's under control (except the weather!...get out the sheets!)...hope you get some pics in an album later! Jeanne S.

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I put some pictures up on the discussion side. Also lots more if you follow the link to my flickr photo site below. Showtime is this weekend. Wish I had a few more days to get caught up. Also trying to clean and freeze strawberries! Never a dull moment around here.

Here is a link that might be useful: tons of photos

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cnm1(6 Oh)

I hope your show went great. I had hoped to get there but decided the weather would be too hot and my knees too sore. You have inspired me.

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cnm - the show was fantastic! It was super hot though and very very crowded in my booth on Sat. I was hoping I didn't miss meeting you because I was so busy.

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Marlene Kindred

Glad you did well Luvs! It's been really hot here too, but I'm glad you had a great turnout!

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