Pregnant Onion Soil Mix Question

chuffle(z5PA)May 29, 2013

Hello all:

A little over a month ago, I found, and bought, a pregnant onion at (of all places) my local WalMart. I didn't know what it was but bought it anyway, and of course did my Internet research on it once I brought it home.

It is obvious that it likes it here, for the two babies that it had under its skin have popped, and I see that the plant is showing signs of being with child, once again - a bump is forming on one side, and seems to be growing by the day.

My question is about potting the plant on. The pot that it came home in is small, and now that the plant's foliage is growing rapidly, I fear that the plant will become unbalanced and everything will topple over. Everything that I read mentions to pot the plant in a "well draining" potting soil. I am cool with that, as I have some cactus and succulent mix. My thought is that there should be a little regular houseplant potting soil added to the mix, just for added "zip," and to mimic the soil that it is planted in from wherever it came from. Would anyone have a suggestion as to proportions of cactus soil and regular soil, that would allow for good drainage and a happy plant?

Many thanks,


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These are not at all fussy when it comes to what medium they grow in. I say what medium because it cannot all be classified as soil. I've had some grow in a stone pile (a load of 2a-3b stone, about the size of a pinkie fingernail). They rolled out of the mulch pile into the stone. They also will grow fine in potting soil, and just about everything in between. Like all succulents, let them dry before watering again.

They only keep a few leaves on, and the more sun, the less leaves. Kept in lower light, the grow tons of babies, and grow long tortuous leaves. With more light, you get fewer babies, but it grows a long long (30 inches) stalk with small green/white flowers. Seeds are produced in abundance.

When a leaf starts to brown, it will continue to brown until it is just a sheath on the bulb. They grow best with 1/2 the bulb or more on top of the stuff they grow in. It doesn't hurt them to peel the brown sheaths and expose a white bulb, as long as you don't peel the living tissue.

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