Sick Ivy

tigerdawn(7)May 23, 2010

I have a Hedera of some sort; the tag said Glorie de Marengo. It has developed red spots on the leaves and some are turning yellow. Also, the soil has a furry white substance. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Dunno about the furries on the soil, but have you checked for spider mites? Ivies are one of the ultimate spider mite magnets in my opinion. Check for tiny webs and tiny dots meandering about.

What yours is doing is what all four of mine did when they got mites. I wasn't able to save any of them either...sigh. I wish you luck with your; some people can grow these without any issues at all.

If it is mites and you want to try to save it, you can either use an insecticidal soap, or what I do to that's worked to save everything else that's had mites with me, is just mist spray it thoroughly with plain water every day or two, as mites occur when air is dry.

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