Chicken Gizzard Aralia

dcwachrisMay 18, 2013

My Aralia is in a large floor pot and has two stalks/trunks/whatever it's called. I was just wondering if it's possible a third stalk/trunk/etc could grow on it's own, or if I would have to manually plant it in with the existing two. Rather novice question, I'm sure. Thanks for any help.


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A photo would help, if you are able to post. Just depending on the type of growth, it's POSSIBLE that you may be able to stimulate branching by lopping one of the existing trunks - and also using that material for propagation to try to strike more. But, that's only a possibility and you may sacrifice a healthy stem and end up failing, so the easiest solution if you want a multi-trunked planting, is, yes, to add another to the pot. You might have to repot the original and scrape away a little of the soil on the side where you want the third one to go

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you might want to take a semi-wooded cutting from existing plant, poke a hole an inch or so next to trunks and pop it in and tent it - so it will root in situ.

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Thanks for the advice! Here's a picture of her. I just brought her back from my dad's house and am trying to get her to fill out. I think I just might have to look for another, smaller trunk to add to the group.

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Just wondering if any of you guys know what the spots on the upper left leaf and the lower right leaves are? Are they the same and are they sunburn spots? It sits in an eastward facing window and after some research I'm wondering if I should either pull it back from the window or at least draw the blinds so the light isn't so direct. Any suggestions? Thank again.


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It'd kinda hard to make it out in the pic but are the spots like burn marks or are they bump like things that you can scrape off?

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it's quite blurry, but looks like a burn to me.
it looks ok, might need some fertilizer. I feed it with AV or orchid fert, like 10-30-10 when it starts growing.
eastern window is fine, it likes dappled diffused light. it grows best above 80F and above 80% humidity.
mine was always leggy indoors until I put it outside in bright NE light( but no sun) in aug. it needs warm nites to really grow , like above 75F. it leafed out hugely in just 6 weeks.

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