Repotting a Ric Rac Cactus

teisa(6)May 13, 2013

I bought 6- 1.5 ft Ric Rac cactus plants that I reported into one big pot. I cut some of them and made 2 pieces instead of huge Branches. My question is how well does this cactus root? I can't really put it in a bag with is being so large. So will it root relatively well?

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It roots very well provided it doesn't rot. It's more of an epiphytic cactus and you sometimes see long stems making roots at different points just in case they get a grip on something to climb.
Cuttings do better allowed to heal over slightly first and then will root in something like orchid mix or half and half with a sandy mix. Since you've already planted yours just don't overwater it. Takes a while to form roots but I've seldom lost any.

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Thanks Allison. Now I forgot to mention that I did allow them to callus for 24 hours before potting. This is my first Ric Rac but I've grown other cactus. The mix I used was African violet soil, bark, perilite, and a little bit of leca stones, and a dash of sand. It was extremely fast draining. I watered lightly today with superthrive. I'll leave it be for a couple weeks. TIA

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RicRacs are very susceptible to orange rust. If it is indoors all the time, make sure you have a fan going to move the air around.

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